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Spidey sense is tingling


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Feb 18, 2005
Laredo, TX
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Okay, so on the way home from Aggie Muster, traffic is insane to say the least. My buddies and I are in my suburban watching a guy on a CBR929RR and another on an Aprilia RSV act like squids. Wheelies in bumper to bumper traffic, playing tag in motion and driving slower than traffic while chatting. :pound: :biggun: (we're taking bets on who eats it first after 1/2 block :angel: ) these guys pull into the Sonic on Harvey Rd for bike night (usually a squid fest but there are some good guys out there that do not suffer from rectal craniitis) Here, Aprilia boy talks about how he got into a wreck on the highway where the bike he was on burst into flames midcrash, and going on as Darwin experiments do:headbang:. My and the 3 other cruiser guys (nothing against sport bikes love em too) wondering what their deal is. Some other dude on a trashed Ninja (think it was an old 900 or something like that) shows video of his fantastic wreck on said bike. It looks like it saw the business end of a steel bat. when these dudes decide to leave to go stunt on 6, two of em spin the bikes around on the kickstands :huh: . Aprilia boy lifts his seat and starts the bike :scratch (looked like he closed the circuit with a screwdriver or something couldnt tell cuz he was standing in the way) So me and my buddies (one work at Brazos Cty Jail and the other two of us are aspiring officers) give each other the confused dog look as they leave. First thought from me was stolen bike, the only other possibilty is salvage title, but I figure youd get a key with it anyway. forgot half his plate number already but still a little disconcerted. Its due to ***hats like that the sportbikers and motorcyclists in general arent well liked. stepping off soapbox and apologizes for my verbose post. :miffed:
Nov 17, 2004
Flower Mound
Well, hopefully they'll show up for squidnight again next week and you can have somebody waiting to ask them about that "custom ignition circuit."