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Suggestions for a meeting place – greater Austin area

Dec 19, 2004
Austin Texas
The Austin RAT group is looking for a spot to meet for a BBQ lunch. The site needs to be within fifty miles of Austin and reached by a fun route. We'd prefer an underutilized county/state park, just to avoid crowds.

A couple of places that sound good are Bastrop State Park, I just saw something about a River Trail in Luling, or Pedernales Falls State Park in Johnson City.

If you've found a spot that is fun to ride out too, and makes for a nice meeting spot, post up here. We are planning for the second weekend in May, so we need to pick something quick.


Forum Supporter
Apr 26, 2004
New Braunfels Texas
Mother Neff state Park is a little outside your 50 mile range and you
would have to have some planning to make a interesting ride
but it is not real widely used, and was Texas's first state park
It is just north of Temple
Dec 21, 2004
Camp Ben McCulloch on Onion Creek is within your 50 mile range as is the new County park on the Pedernales River just west of Hamilton Pool. I haven't been to the new park yet so I can't speak to the facilities there.
A little farther away, but still within 50 miles, is the Blanco State Park on the Blanco River which we drove right by after leaving the Sunrise on our way to the Bike Museum.
Even further, and outside your 50 mile circle but a pretty cool place nonetheless, is Guadalupe River State Park between Spring Branch and Kendalia.
All my suggestions are west of Austin, so you can see where my orientation lies.
Sep 8, 2005
San Marcos, TX
I would like to suggest Pecan Park Retreat on the San Marcos River. It is privately owned and about five miles east of I-35 off of Highway 80. There is no alcohol allowed, but since many people will be riding home I would not think people would be drinking anyway. The campground is beautiful and there is a covered pavillion available for rent. Cycle Cat posted an interesting way to get from Austin to San Marcos on our first thread about a San Marcos Bike night.