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Suggestions for TAT ride

Apr 22, 2011
McKinney, Texas
Ladies & gentlemen, My wife, Daughter & I will ride half the TAT (again!!) this summer, last time we just rode every day (sunup to sunset) to complete the ride and it really wasn't a holiday, just a solid slog to get from one end to the other!! This time we are going to ride up to Oklahoma and then ride the Tat to the east (reverse direction & only half of the TAT) and we estimate we will take 10 days of gentle riding (200 miles a day), however it is meant to be a holiday so we have set 3 days aside to just stop at different places and go sight seeing!! We are not native Americans, moved here from Europe 8 years ago! so don't know much about any of the states we will be driving through, so I wanted to ask for suggestions of places worth visiting and spending a day at in the following states - Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississipi & Tenesee, preferably places not too far from the TAT route!! I would like to spend a day in the Ozarks, but would really appreciate any other suggestions. We will be riding from ~8th June to 22nd June :rider:
As stated we have ridden the TAT and many other DS rides, so don't need advise on what to take or where to go (just bought the latest TAT maps from Sam) but would appreciate advise on what to see and any great places worth stopping for a day to really visit.

Regards Gary


Keeper of the Asylum
Feb 28, 2003
:tab I don't know exactly where the TAT goes in Arkansas, but there are MANY really cool places in the Ozarks!! I could easily spend 10 days just wandering around there!

:tab Falling Water Falls is of Hwy 16 just a bit East of Hwy 7, at the top of the V shape in 16. It is a neat spot to stop and take a dip. Lots of folks camp there.

:tab Not far North of Oark, you can find the Wilderness Rider Buffalo Ranch OHV Park. It is owned by Wildernessrider here on TWT. GPS coords: N35 57.630 W93 27.349 It has some fantastic primitive camping sites and great riding. You could easily spend a day there riding and exploring.

:tab On Hwy 14 South of Yellville, there are tubing, rafting, and canoeing opportunities on the Buffalo River. There is also the Buffalo River State Park right there on 14. Hwy 14 is paved bliss!

:tab Further East, there is Gunner Pool park and Blanchard Springs Caverns park off Hwy 14 near the town of Fifty Six. Both have really nice camp sites. The dirt riding in the area North of 14 is awesome. I was just out there last week blasting around on my 1200 GS with my oldest daughter and my son. Also, Hwy 341 is pure twisty goodness.

:tab If you find yourself in Mountain View, there is a little BBQ place called Kin Folk BBQ. It was REALLY good. The Apple Pie turnovers are out are heart stopping :drool: There are often music related festivals in this town. There were a lot of old folks hanging out under a big Oak tree doing a jam session while we were enjoying our BBQ. They were really good. Hwy 87 between Fifty-Six and Mountain view is even more paved bliss.