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Suzuki GSX1250FA - Coolant leaking into the engine?

Jan 28, 2012
Sydney, Australia
I just bought a Suzuki GSX1250FA with only 4000 miles on the clock. I thought it was a great deal but now I am not so sure.

Besides a quick test ride, I took the bike for its first run today commuting around town so running quite slow a lot of the time and stopping and starting a lot. Today was a warm, but not hot day.

Two issues have popped up:

1. The OIL LEVEL is way above the F mark and goes up again after draining some oil.

I drained the oil so it was just on F mark then one hour later it was ABOVE F again and covering the whole glass when I checked it on level ground with the bike on the centre stand.

The mechanic suggested that perhaps coolant was leaking into the sump. Is that possible?

The oil we removed did look a bit thin and it was foamy when I first stopped and looked into the oil level window.

IF that has occurred what might be the consequences for the engine? Serious damage? What else can leak into sump?

Because of this issue I only ran the bike under 35 miles per hour and at low revs (3000-4000 max). Would that have minimised any possible damage?

2. The engine seems to be running incredible hot.

I can really feel the heat coming of the engine and it was literally makING me sweat. It was like being in a mini furnace.

The main fan was cutting in a lot too. Perhaps this is a result of the oil issue but not sure.

Is that normal for this bike to get so hot?

Do others here experience the engine giving off a lot of heat to the point that it is uncomfortable to ride the bike?

Thank you!


I checked the coolant and its empty!

As the mechanic had drained about a 1.5 litres of extra oil out of the bike, I can only assume that the coolant ended up there.

1. How can that happen on a bike with only 4000 miles on the clock?

2. What do I do now? Top up the coolant and ride it back to the dealer or ring them and tell them to pick it up? I'm worried if I ride it it will get damaged. Is it safe to ride?

3. What damage to the engine do you think it has done already?

BTW, this is a major Harley dealer in Sydney who sold it as a trade-in they got. When I rang them on Saturday morning they said talk to Suzuki but surely the Harley dealer should take responsibility for the problem.