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TARA DFW North Adventure Ride 3/25

May 29, 2005
Out Riding
The next ride planned is scheduled for Saturday March 25. The meeting site is the Tiger Mart/Exxon station located on Hwy 289 (Preston Rd) and East Propser Trail. Stands up at 8AM. This ride is approximately 250 miles...so come ready to put in some seat time! The rain date is the next day... Sunday 26th...however the ride will only be canceled for severe weather...not drizzle or light rain.

If you plan to make the ride, or have any questions contact Chris directly at dohertycm8251@gmail.com. Please RSVP so he will have some idea of how many riders to expect.


Jul 6, 2009
Allen, Texas
A few of us are meeting at Dodie's at the Villiages at Allen off of Stacy road tonight 3/22 from about 6 till 8. A date night slash, who's bringing what, what time we gonna head to the meeting point sat morn kinda thing. Good food, drink specials, and make wives happy cause nothing around the house will be accomplished sat. We welcome anyone that wants to come out.

I know my wife won't be making the trip on the back of my 250, this goes for the other guys as well so don't run up to the first table that has a helmet on it. Might be the wrong group!!

See you there!!
Apr 22, 2011
McKinney, Texas
I contacted Chris, the organizer and he confirmed it's a DS ride.. my wife and I will both be riding it, not looking forward to being there at 8:00am, I like a lie in on a weekend!! ��