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Texas Triple Threat Tour 9/2/14

Aug 9, 2009
Austin, TX
Here we go on the T.T.T.T or Texas Triple Threat Tour! From Sunday 9/2/14 to Monday!

Our route takes us trough some great areas of north-central Texas that are very overlooked! Most people head out to the hill country, but its become over run with people, including a lot of big baggers that dont go around turns too good! (Ask me how I know, when one blew a curve and was headed right at me...)

This is also prime Roll the Bones territory, thanks to RTB for lots of the tracks here. I also drew some new ones myself. Some interesting roads looping up and over Mineral Wells, where we land for the night. Were staying in a motel with a pool, that I am sure we will need and be grateful for.

YOU CAN ALSO FOLLOW ALONG ON SPOT HERE: http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0FptZEcB51vrIRHBqzq4mLrXrHVoIqbkJ


Kosmic on his Tenere! But that's me checking out that cup holder while sipping on some chilled white wine!


Webnel on his awesome Tiger 800 that he just picked up and is ready run!

And, the new 650 V-Strom decked out in Seahawks reflecto!


The Regency Suspension Bridge is one of the fantastic old bridges we hit on the route:


We will also sample the handcrafted sodas and fantastic burgers of Dublin, Texas!



More to come!

Aug 9, 2009
Austin, TX
Our ride to Mineral Wells was a blast.....but the heat really wore us down! This area of Texas is very unappreciated, full of great long, winding roads with sweeping turns. *Very little traffic to deal with is a big plus....however deer can be a problem! While the mornings started a bit cooler (i,e, 75-80) by mid day temps rocketed up to 97-101. Fully vented riding gear, camel backs with water, and even a cooling vest are needed. Most of our stops were mandated by the heat, we all seem to hit that mid day slump at the same time as heat sucked our energy and concentration....and that’s when you make bad decisions....so breaks in the AC were mandatory.

We all met up in Llano, actually rolling in with in one minute of each other.....We were excited to check out Webnel's new Triumph 800. Webnel has this knack of finding the PERFECT used steed each time around. He has some magical juju when it comes to finding bikes.....I need to hang out with him more often! Roughly we did about 650 miles on this trip, and I got to take my mini Strom up to red line!



Our first destination was the Regency Suspension bridge, which surprise surprise was closed for repairs. But, being the true adventure riders we are, a poorly placed barricade did not stop us! Of course we inspected it to make sure it was not full of gaping rotten planks that would give out under us. But, certainly it was in no shape for cars. The advantages of a motorcycle are numerous!






We hit our first dirt after the bridge, actually the only dirt on the trip. This was the first time for the mini Strom, and it felt quite secure. I could tell the tires were too hard, and a drop of pressure would have helped. Also, a bit of knob on the front (mo knobs mo bettah!) So, I took it very easy esp. since I don’t have crash guards or bash plate.





Nice idea of the sweet curves. On this ride I got the mini Strom past 7500 RPM as I reached 1,000 miles on the break in. This little baby really flies! I got it up over the ton a few times, and while the suspension does some rocking horse, overall it’s quite good and stable. However, when my bro on his Canary and Webnel wicked up their big bikes, I had to flog the 650 a bit hard to keep up. I found the wind protection with the screen raised up all the way to be quite good for my 5'9" height. Legs were a bit cramped compared to the big bikes, but overall quite comfortable.


We landed for some good lunch in Dublin Texas....however the little burger place was closed and we had to eat another restaurant. We stopped at Granny Clarks, which was quite a sight. Honestly I have never seen such a grubby and filthy restaurant.....floors were covered in food, black grime was every where, and the buffet looked like it was pillaged by some cave men. The side dishes to the fried chicken were some very questionable looking slop.....But, being tired, hot and hungry we took our chances. In fact the food was quite good! Must be real home style, all that well used worn out patina some how made the food good.



Surprise, surprise, the food was great....and the staff very nice and friendly...they just need to take a power washer to the inside of the place....


Cool old building along the way....lots of hidden gems in this part of Texas.



We end our days ride at the Days Inn, which is nice, with a sweet pool in the back! It’s tucked in just off the main road in Mineral Wells, as you head to the state park. Its built on a former military helicopter maintenance and training ground, with this very cool arch and display.





We were joined that night by JetDR21 and his buddy who drove out to Mineral Wells and get some dinner! That was a great treat, as the three of us on the ride were all ready tired of looking at each other! JetDR21 is an ex enduro racer and caught the dual sport bug, is drinking the Orange Kool Aid, and his buddy wants to get into dual sport riding too. Seems lots of us been riding for years find dual sport riding to give a whole new twist to things.

Low and behold JetDR21 also had some fine beers in the back of his truck to enjoy outside by the pool that night....




Of course the main site in Mineral Wells is the fantastic old Baker Hotel, where Hollywood moguls would come in the 30's to enjoy the "cure" from Mineral Wells spring water. I actually learned today the locals call it the "crazy water." I hope this building is restored to its former glory its an incredible land mark.









We head out in the cool morning air, to rock on home to Austin area! Big fast sweepers wait for us the whole way back!





If the tat shop in this little town was open, we should have memorialized this ride on our foreheads! That way we could have some real street cred.
We wicked up the pace fast, to 80 plus the whole way back....only passed two cops that never turned around. I enjoyed a test ride on Webnel's Triumph 800, what a fantastic seamless motor that keeps pulling, and a smooth shifting transmission. It’s got a wide-open, comfortable riding stance for a tall guy like him.



Till next time which is Roll the Bones in October!




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Jul 21, 2004
Katy, TX
Nice pictures, particularly the burgers!!