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The Craigslist Thread

May 10, 2011
Clear Lake
Let's see. We have a 40 y/o hand-me-down from the last gasps of the 70s van craze. Leaks oil. Recently wrecked. Interior looks like a kid's tree house decorated with garage leftovers. Custom-built in "a factory," which is probably one of those thousands of here-today-gone-tomorrow conversion shops that used to line South Cooper St in Arlington.

I also note that he's worried about scam artists. Somehow, I don't think his van is going to be their primary target. :trust:
But, but, but it's his BABY!!!!
I love the fact that he's "hyper-aware", just not about the value of the vehicle or which side is the right side.
despite needing about 4k spent on it to make it worth half that, I bet he finds a buyer.
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Mar 5, 2015
If it has a clear title I will give 125. dollars, if it runs and all the lights work. Edit: never mind thought it said Texas. It is Tasmania and that is too far to drive.