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The Electric Loop- The Altamont Pass area in NoCal

May 27, 2010
Livermore, CA (formerly Grapevine, TX)
Route Name: "The Electric Loop"

Map: https://elbo.in/9pTG

Duration: 1h5m-1h25m

Description: Start at Flynn Road off of 580 in Livermore, and head south. Left turn on Patterson Pass, take that to the windmill substation, and turn left on Midway Road. Take that through to Grant Line Road. Turn left, keep right onto Altamont Pass Road. Take that to Carroll Road, left turn. Carroll becomes Flynn. Left turn on Patterson Pass, Right turn on Cross Road. Take that to Tesla Road, left turn. Watch out for the crappy speed humps (six or seven total) that destroy the less fun parts of the road, pass Livermore Labs Site 300. Left turn onto 580 North/West back up to Patterson Pass Road, and turn left to take that back west into Livermore. Watch out for the speed humps at the end of Patterson Pass also.

Windmills, rolling hills, morning fog flowing like water over the hills, the shadows of the spinning turbine blades, the views from every vista along the way make this a route worth riding. The road that starts it is three turns from my driveway.

[ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hIh4vpCsBQ"]Electric Loop Ride 180903 - YouTube[/ame]