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The National Law Enforcement Memorial II


Nov 28, 2006
North of Weird
First Name
As a stand alone shot, my preference would have been to tone down the contrast a bit. The first part of the inscription is approaching blown out, but that might have been due to the bright sun peeking over the ledge? Timing is everything and looking at the shadow to the right of the first word, you either just missed it all in shade, or probably didn't have to wait long to become all shade. Again, timing is everything.

I really like the inscription reflection in the water. That was a nice catch. And the fact you had the place to yourself with no extraneous people was a bonus for the shot.

I don't see it as a single shot I'd print, but paired with the names on the wall shot with a nice black and white matte in a black frame, that would be a wall-hanger set in my book.