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THE NEW 2022 BMW K1600GT - Cutter Sandwich

Jul 15, 2015
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THE NEW 2022 BMW K1600GT - Cutter Sandwich
On July 14th, 2022, we met in a small group in Sauerland for a test tour with the new GTs. BMW K1600GT ? Yes, it seems like the known problems of the EURO 4 model have been fixed. Small changes from the engineers' box of tricks, such as a changed transmission ratio, are included. Jens from Weimar and Jörg from Hanover are the first to embark on the adventure of a brand new BMW. There were only initial difficulties with the TFT. Jörg's TFT will be replaced next week. Apart from that and at least until today - 2 weeks after our meeting - the two are very enthusiastic. It is obvious that the cutter insisted on accompanying the first exit of the 6-cylinder with the GoPros. Pleasant weather at around 20 degrees and dry - ok - a little more light would have been even better for the pictures. But enough of the prose - see for yourself.