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Thinking of switching out my R NineT, advice?

Sep 1, 2022
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Long time lurker.

Have a 2020 R NineT. Love to ride it and look at it but wanting something more practical. The bags can’t carry much and aren’t secure. The headlight is like a candle and the wind beats me up.

Work is an hour away (I live east of COTA and travel to Austin) and hitting the gym or running errands can be annoying.

I’m 40 and fairly fit, but only a 30” inseam. I have a KLX300 dual sport for actual dirt duties and can manage a tall but not giant seat height. Been riding almost 20 years and used to sport bikes.

What’s out there that has hard bags, that can take a gravel road, that I can fit on, that has equal or better power to my current bike, that I can buy for $13k or less lightly used?


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Think that’s the natural choice but used they still seem like $19k and not sure on the height.
Do not know the prices of them, I have not looked. Looks like they are starting at $13,000 and go up from there.

Maybe a GS1200 or an Africa Twin?

Wanting the same power and some offroad limits the options. Maybe a Versys?
If new, I’d look towards a Ninja 1000SX. Used maybe a 1200RS or 1200GS/A with lowered suspension and/or low seat option.
thanks all. CFMoto has some cool stuff, not sure how I feel about being an early adopter though.
R1250RS or a nice used R1200RS . I fitted a GS1200 bash plate to my 2023 RS and hit gravel often . Its no GS but it is lighter , lower , and faster than a GS .
I'm 50 and 5' 1" Came off a Tiger1200XCX . This 30 mile County rd in Missouri got me some funny looks by locals that were on quads / side by sides .



RS in Mssouri.jpg

RS with Full exhaust.jpg

Pre fit GS sump plate.jpg
FYI the LOW seat on a RS sucks its like riding on the Frame . I have a Tall oem saddle made into a RDL saddle and I touch fine but then Tall bikes never bothered me. The Mid or standard saddle is good comfort .

Photo of Tall OEM day 1 home from dealer , and then turned into the RDL in Leather .


Day 1 home and rained on.jpg
Why buy you when you can get plenty of new bikes for that price. I will NOT recommend a bike I do not think will be reliable such as Aprilia, Ducatiu, etc... Here's a few options that I think best match your description. They are all under $13k new.

VStrom 650,800,1000, or 1050.

Versys 650 or 1000.

Practical, reliable, inexpensive to own, fun to ride.

And did I mention COMFORTABLE.
BMW r1200,or 1250 RS. Fits your stated mission. Fun , comfy, and super stable on high speed runs.I had to do a 90 blast in the rain yesterday. Could not have picked a better bike.
Probably not an option but the new nineT do have added options
Really would love to have the racer, if I could afford it.

A slightly used or left over 2022 Yamaha Tracer GT might fit the bill. I think they are well regarded. I‘m 5’10” with a 29-inch inseam and 230 lbs but can compress the suspension on most bikes at least enough to get the balls of both feet on the ground. You might give the Tracer a serious look.

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