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This should inspire the ladies!!

Apr 7, 2003
Bryan, TX
Pretty cool.

I didn't get to meet the lady, but I was told of one that is from Austin. My unit was at Lone Star BMW before we ordered our BMWs and there was an RT being serviced. Robert (the owner) told us it belonged to a lady that regularly rides out East to see her grandchildren. She had already worn out 2 other BMWs and the RT had like 60someodd thousand miles on it. She absolutely REFUSED to let them wash the bike beacuse she wanted everyone to know she RIDES! She was supposed to be in her 60s and even had an Iron-Butt sticker on her bike.

Pretty rare to see a woman riding an RT much less a grandma who likes to sport-tour. :chug:
Jan 1, 2004
Hippo town
More on Ardys

Now for the really funny stuff. I went to Fast Freddie's school with Debbie Evans. I had no idea how much of a celebrity she was...whe was very nice and soft spoken. A the time she had just completed her work on Reloaded, which was her first time on a street bike! Very down to earth, no "airs" at all. Okay, she did mention that they gave her a Duc for her Matrix work... I was really struck by how she made a point at dinner one night to draw my wife out, as all the guys were doing "bike butt sniffing"

She's a trials champion, as was her father. She was going to Spencer School to pick up street tips, to do more street stunts. It was fun following her, she picked up an amazing amount of speed during the first day...on day 2 I couldn't catch her in the tight stuff anymore. I guess if you can ride trials, you have the balance for anything.

When she made it into the AMA Hall of Fame, my first thought was "Wow, she deserves it". Maybe some day I'll run into her again. She's a nice lady, and deserves any awards she receives.

And all the name dropping I can do :chug:
Nov 5, 2003
Houston, Texas
Debbie Evans

The first time I saw Debbie Evans was simply amazing. She must have been a very young teenager at the time. She balanced her trials bike and then proceeded to stand on her head while the bike was perfectly balanced. Wow never seen that before or again.