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Tiger Jeff stretches his legs

Jan 1, 2005
Several months ago my buddy Jeff moved back to Austin from the frozen wasteland that is Chicago. Now that he has finally thawed out from his 3 years of suffering, his mind, naturally, has turned to motorcycling.

He decided he needed a pair of mesh/vented gloves to go along with his mesh jacket and pants, so on Thursday he stopped by Lone Star BMW to check out their wares.

As luck would have it they were having a big sale that day. Here's how it played out for Jeff:

My cell phone rings Thursday afternoon. It's Jeff.


"Rich, I'm in lust."

"Jeff, what are you babbling about?"

"Rich, I'm at Lone Star and they told me the gloves I want are on sale. Buy one pair and they will give me a 2006 Triumph Tiger with just 1300 miles on it."

"That must be one heck of a pair of gloves. I'm afraid to ask how much they cost."

"Yeah, don't ask. But I really want those gloves."

"Jeff, let me ask you a serious question. Do you want me to talk you into buying the gloves or not?

"You better talk me into it."

"Okay, game on."

A short time later Jeff was the proud owner of those most excellent mesh gloves (and that sweet '06 Tiger).


He finished all the paperwork on Friday afternoon and we hauled the gloves and bike home. The only logical thing to do was get up early Saturday morning and put the big Tiger through its paces, while wearing the new gloves, of course. I planned a route through the hill country and then called Dirtbike Dave to come ride with us.

Our route looped us west from Buda over to Johnson City and back, mostly sticking to the smaller county roads that are so abundant in the hill country.

Working the curves on Mt. Sharp road / CR 220 southwest of Dripping Springs.

Jeff is tall and the Tiger proved to be a very good fit for him. The seat height is taller than my KLR so when I sat on it I was on my tiptoes.

Dirtbike Dave on Mt. Sharp road

Dirtbike Dave and Tiger Jeff on Mt. Sharp road.

CR410 starts off paved...



...but then turns to dirt/rock with a scenic (though very low right now) water crossing. This seemed like a good opportunity to test the drive mode on my camera.




Dirtbike Dave at the same crossing


We enjoyed about 4 hours on the bikes and rode a little of everything - highway, paved county roads, and unpaved county roads.

I engineered our route so we had to ride right by the Salt Lick near the end of our ride. Of course they had their tractor beam on when we went by and it sucked us right in. Sorry, no pics of the food.

Over a delicious lunch of brisket, Dave and I asked Jeff about the bike and his new gloves. His verdict was that the pinky finger was too long on the gloves but the bike was great.
Aug 14, 2007
Elgin, Texas
Yea buddy... That's one fine scoot there! Glad to see he got it in rapid silver too. The preferred color of proficient motorcycleists. It stands out more and will not run over road critters like this one:


Now lets get serious. That motorcycle needs to go to Mexico. Can you say Real de Catorce? Can you say Zacatecas? I knew you could. Bicimapas and I have compiled a list of wonderful Mexican twisties. We'll talk later... meanwhile - stock up on vacation time, get some Pepto-Bismol, and buy some Arturo Fuente cigars. This is gonna be fun!!!


Thanks very much, guys. I'm LOVING the new bike. It's very fast and handles great. I'm still in lust! :rider:

Dec 19, 2004
Austin Texas
Hey Jeff, thats a very nice bike, and a bit of a sleeper. I frustrated the Speed 3 guys with my 01 Tiger. ;)

Come out and visit the Austin Triumph group. We meet the first Monday of the month, and have weekend rides once or twice a month.

This site is mostly for posting up rides and events, not a lot of chatter.


I was admiring that same Tiger when I went by Lonestar before the Ft. Davis pie run. I'm glad that someone took it away, I don't deal with temptation well.

Oh, and welcome to the site Jeff.