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TireExpress - BAD

Apr 9, 2003
So, I order a new set of Michelin Anakee's for BZilla last week with plenty of time to get them here for the big AR trip this week. When I placed the order I called and checked when the shipping date was, "Tuesday with no problems." I was told. This gives me a 2 day cushion just in case something goes wrong. :? Uh-oh I thought...the lady on the other side of the phone just jinxed me and I'll probably need those extra days. Today I call and get a status...tires went on backorder. :headbang: No phone call, email, or notice. You'd think they would have called or emailed me back saying they went on backorder but NOOOO!!! :biggun:

Now I'm without new tires. Figure I've got just enough rear tread for the trip but it's going to be close. Luckily we will be trailering to Hot Springs. If not, I would have to cancel.

Anyway, I start making calls. None in Austin or San Antonio. Called a few shops in Houston and they would 'have to check and call back.' No luck there. I remember someone on ADVRIDER site talking about swtires so I find the website and give them a call and tell them my sad story. They thinks he can get the tires to me before I leave on Thursday for Scott's place but not 100% sure. Cross fingers.

Scott-I had them shipped to my business. Usually, business deliveries have precedence over residential.

Moral of the story - DON'T BUY FROM TireExpress.


Keeper of the Asylum
Feb 28, 2003
:tab Well, that answers a question for me. Will can't go, so I was wondering if you'd still like to use the trailer instead of riding up. Saves the tires and I can still take Beth's bike as well. So are you going to have the tires changed in Austin or are you going to bring them with you and change them here as originally planned? If needed, you could come over Friday morning. We'd just miss the sitting around in the garage BSing over some beers while changing the tires ;-)

:tab I've used the SWmototires people and have had good exeriences with them. So have a lot of other folks. I think I will be ordering some new front tires from them before too long. VFR's are hard on front tires :-(
Mar 1, 2003
Garland, TX
Ws Moto Tires


Needed new tires for the 93 VFR. Looked at ads, mags, etc. until I was blind. Checked SW after all the raves from the big board (VFR that is). CAlled and ordered. Within a few bucks on price, but no shipping costs. While I was on the phone, I needed a new helmet for the SO. Checked and sure enough, he carried my HJC Symax, in her size and color at a great price. Ordered everything and it was here in 5 days. as promised.

Good rep, good service. :chug: