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Top Of The World - Terlingua Ranch Need Track or GPS Lat/Lon

Jun 16, 2013
Near Waco
The rock tower is visible from the top of the world. If you get out by the small rock cabin built by a scientist that worked at Guadalupe National (or so I heard), then you're getting into the general neighborhood. There's a lot of side roads and such that peter out pretty quickly (usually), but not that many "main" roads, so if you know the necessities (flat repair, water, plenty of fuel, water, right clothes, water, etc) to take, then take an afternoon and go explore. There are some decent maps around of the area. Take plenty of water!
Jan 25, 2005
Cypress Tx
When you see the old house trailer you know your on the right path , it must have cost a bundle to put that house trailer out there with a helicopter , I don't see how they couple have possibly towed it back there .
Put a pin on google earth and right click on the pin, can get lat/long. However, to use in your GPS, you're going to have to divide the seconds by 60 to get minutes to 3 decimals. Ain't hard, did it all duck season with google earth map info in a duck hunting club to find my hunting spots, worked great. :D Weren't any ducks all season, but that's another story. :rolleyes: