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Touratech Aventuro Mod helmet, 6 months review

Dec 24, 2007
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Can (John)
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Hello gang,

I finally compiled my notes from different long and short trips in different riding and weather conditions to share my experience with this helmet, so here it is...

First, the context: I am 5’10” and ride a regular height 2016 GS Adv. I adjust my windshield according to weather

-solid quality
-chin vent filter works great when riding through clouds of dust and polen
-great peak design, no fighting the wind
-good airflow on top

-HEAVY lid at more than 1800 gr for medium (c4 pro is at 1600 gr for the same size, bmw system7 is 1580gr) You begin to feel the weight very quickly
-vertical 3 position vent adjuster is useless as no difference in air flow, no matter the position selected or wind shield position
-VERY uncomfortable air flow: when the chin vent is open air blows directly to the eyes, really annoying

MY Final Verdict:
Not worth it. Excessively heavy feel and air flow to eyes really gets annoying, greatly reducing the joy of touring for me.

I am trying to get my wife to wear this so that I can buy a C4 Pro Carbon or bmw system 7

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Feb 17, 2012
Off Route, Recalculating
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The C4 Pro Carbon is nice, but be warned they changed the shape again. The C3 Pro is long/intermediate oval, the C4 Pro is intermediate or less oval. C3 Pro fits me perfect, C4 Pro didn't fit at all. I tried the AGV Sport Modular, nice, light, but no comms availability was a dead end for me. Ended up with the Shoei Neotec II, fits like a glove, comms in the form of the SRL2 (must be March 2019 or later helmet), no complaints. Fits as well as my C3 Pro.