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Tourmaster 3 season leather jacket

May 2, 2004
Great State of Texas
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Tour Master Coaster 3 leather jacket


I've been searching for a couple weeks, spending a few hours online and visiting Cyclegear to replace a 10 year old Fieldsheer textile jacket that I've been using as a 3 season jacket. It has vents that open allowing it to be tolerable up to the mid 70's. With the vents closed, liner in place and appropriate layers underneath I can comfortably ride in the 40's.

Well, I've been wanting a leather jacket for a while that checked all those boxes. Revzilla and Cyclegear didn't have anything that would fit the bill or in a style I liked. I really wanted the Scorpion 1909 or Joe Rocket Vintage but they don't work for 3-season. I stumbled across the Tourmaster Coaster 3 on motorcyclegear.com's site.

I have Tourmaster stuff and like it so I wasn't worried about quality. It arrived and if it's been in storage for a few years, I can't tell. The leather is nice, as is the stitching. The fit is true to size and what I consider a neutral cut. It's not like a Dianese that's super snug and aggressive, nor is it a cruiser jacket as the sleeves do have a slight pre-curve.

I'm 5'9" and 165lbs, athletic but skinny and lose weight if I skip the gym for a few weeks and a small fits me well. I wear small motorcycle jackets because I like things extra snug. For t-shirts and most shirts from Gap, Express, Banana Republic I'm a medium.

The $200 price is a steal by today's standards. I believe original price was $300 which is probably fair when it was introduced 5 years ago. I was budgeting myself for a ~$400 jacket and don't think I've short changed myself in quality by spending half. I can still, and plan on upgrading the armor to something more modern, even though the arms and shoulder armor is CE-approved and still come out to under $300 for a quality leather jacket that's feature rich.

Just thought I'd share in case anybody has been looking for the same thing. Here's Revzilla's video of the jacket from when they used to sell it.

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