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Triumph on the Talimena Skyway

Nov 21, 2010
Denton, Texas
Just returned from a three-day jaunt on and around the beautiful Talimena Skyway in s'western Arkansas.

This was my wife's first ever motorcycle tour and, after buying her all the appropriate gear -including three different helmets, she and I enjoyed an excellent ride of near 600 miles.

The Queen Wilhelmina Lodge is the place to stay. We visited mid-week and the Skyway was near deserted. A perfect, stress-free way to introduce SWWBO to the curves, twists and panoramic views along the 54 mile National Scenic Highway while enjoying our Triumph Trophy 900.

The towns of Talihina OK and Mena AR anchor the road on the east and west ends. Both towns offer interesting eateries so don't miss Pam's Hateful Hussy Diner and Papa Poblanos in Talihina and Mena.

Mena has a walking friendly downtown. The restored train station has a museum, there are shops for us guys and even an old Esso gas station and Studebaker dealership converted to bike and car museums.

Note the tailgating controller, 30 cal. water-cooled machine gun mounted on my Triumph Trophy. OK, so it does look suspiciously like a telescope...

Big fun. We will return.

Denton Texas


Dec 31, 2009
Even though it ain't a gun, mounting a telescope that size on a luggage rack is impressive.

I prefer mine mounted on the handlebars so I don't have to turn around to use it while riding.
Feb 13, 2008
That place is always nice. Passed through it last Saturday , I think. Didn't stop though. Had 3 GS's in front of the train taking pics and several bikes about the place. A few Vipers and Corvettes at the motel I stayed at in Mena for the night. Left before they awaken though.