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Twisted Sisters trip end of August.

Nov 26, 2009
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Nolan and I had a good time out at the sisters last week. Although it was hotter than hades, as the day wore on, the mornings were very comfortable. Some gravel on 335 and 336 throttled the amount of fun we could have there, but not significantly. They have done some work on the Willow City Loop both on and off the road, it will be a good ride this spring. We rode around Skyline Drive in Comfort too, and the views were awesome as usual.

Breakfast is mandatory!
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Overlooking Willow City Loop valley
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The mandatory Luckenbach photo
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We rode until 2pm or so each day, then we took a siesta. In this heat, I think our neighbors to the south have it right. Garmin routes added below.
When I grow up I want a bike like You have! Nice! I'm actually afraid to ride one as I might like it. Nice Again!
Sep 4, 2017
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Katy, Republic of Texas
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How did the trip go?
Joe posted the gist of it. But I had a really good time.
I did a few posts of each day HERE
No major mishaps or issues, just a little shorter riding time due to heat.
I am glad I did it when I did, and especially thankful for Joe showing me the ropes. He has more routes that he has forgotten than I would have ever even considered. A few times he said we were going to take roads he had not ridden, but after we finished, he said he had ridden it before.
We did find a new road on the way up there. We were sitting at our 2nd construction zone and the flag guy suggested a road to the left that he said was nice, and it was. I think it was CR 328 outside of Smithwick. I had never heard of Skyline drive in Comfort, but I think it is a must if you are in the area. Really fun and challenging road with some great views.
While it was hot by 10 am and very hot by 12, we still had a good time. Aside of 2 construction zones on the way there and a short bit on I-10 outside Columbus, no traffic at all. I think we saw maybe 20-25 bikes the entire trip. Very little traffic on the Sisters (I got stuck behind a truck on 335 for a bit). The mornings were nice though.
I will not be doing a trip there in August again for sure (or June or July). Despite the humidity being in the 40% range, it was still 94°F+ and no clouds at all. If you were moving it was almost tolerable, but as soon as you slow below about 45 mph, it just got hot.

The place we stayed was nice and a great place to relax after a day of riding.

When I grow up I want a bike like You have! Nice! I'm actually afraid to ride one as I might like it. Nice Again!
Try following it for 4 days. I have liked the K1600 for a while as well.
Joe is a really good rider, and on the BMW he just went through corners without even braking, yet I was braking hard. I told him the 2nd day that I knew a corner was bad if I saw his brake light come on.
A K1600 is definitely a lot sportier than a GL1500, and has much better range (I was looking for fuel ~150 miles while the 1600 was still more than 1/4 tank). I think he said he was getting ~43 mpg while I was getting 33 mpg.
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