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Venturing North....my first twtex ride report

Feb 6, 2006
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I took ownership of the GS in March, but have so far been using it to commute around town or to work. Some traffic during this makes you want to :eek2: . Since there had been little time lately between family and work demands :giveup: , given that the weather today had a spectacular development :sun: (especially after all this :storm: last week) I decided to venture into Walker county and beyond to see it besides the usual vantage of IH 45. I took a few pictures along the way :clap:

Route Map

My "tank bag/navigation system" :rider: . Yes, CBOA for now :doh:

My 2 goals were:
Don't settle on a predetermined route, explore a bit....
No Interstates :yawn: (use those enough on my commute)

Thus, after church service and the obligatory Starbucks break with my lovely wife :trust: I ventured up Longmire Road to Old Montgomery Road, 1097 through Willis, and took Hwy 75 up to New Waverly...

Noticed FM 1374 from New Waverly essentially being a long right hand curve, and decided to check it out. I'm glad i did :mrgreen: It is known as the Possum Walk Road

This appeared on the right while making the long right curve through Bath...the Union Hill Baptist church is still active since 1872

Info on Bath Texas

Ventured through Huntsville a bit, took a break and the Starbucks there (yes, it is an addiction ;-) ) and then slabbed on east on US 190 until i got to this spot....Lake Livingston

Up until this point the only rider i saw riding with ATGATT in mind was on a 1150 GS going towards Huntsville. A member here, perhaps? Pretty much everyone was tank tops/shorts/heels/etc. but only a handful had helmets on. In the emergency services field, that is called "future patient"...

Anyway, enough of work. Let's move on shall we....

Turned around at last pic stop thinking it was the best view on lake i would see......how wrong I was. Turned onto Hwy 156 in Point Blank, and went straight to see what the historical marker sign there had to offer.....and promptly found that ....:flip: road dead-ended into bulkhead with an AMAZING view of Lake Livingston. So here is the ride pose shot.

Local wildlife....

Here is the Governor George Wood Memorial i saw marker on road for. It is in Robinson Graveyard....


Also saw this unusual gravestone there...treetrunk with 2 logs at base.

Ventured south on US 159 into Coldspring. Courthouse there...

....and Old Town Coldspring i found just by change meandering down a road to it.

Info about Coldspring

Took Hwy 150 towards New Waverly, and hooked a left onto FM 1097 towards Willis. From there took FM 1484, FM 1314 back home :sun:, reflecting on a good first leisure ride and happy about the change encounters :pirate: Thanks for coming along here, hope to join up for a group ride sometime :rider:
I saw you buzzing down Sam Houston Ave through town a little after 1:00pm I think. All I could tell out of the corner of my eye was black/white F650 something with a bag on the back. Had to be you. Got me all excited. I feel better knowing it was someone already a member and not a missed opportunity ;-) While having lunch I met two nice fellows from Humble and the Woodlands area. One on a nice original Bonneville and the other on an 01 VFR 800. Glad you had a good ride. It was a great day for it!
Good report! Watch for upcoming DS rides. There is a pretty active DS group all around you that will give you ample opportunities to check if the Dakar's proud heritage will live up to good ol' East Texas backroads.
Nice write-up!

The design of that unusual grave marker you found was probably intended to indicate that the deceased was a member of the Woodsmen fraternal society. Here's how it's described at an on-line encyclopedia -

The Woodsmen of the World are a Fraternal Organization founded in 1883 in Lyons, Iowa by Joseph Cullen Root as the Modern Woodsmen. In 1890 the Woodsmen of the World was formed as a fraternal and self-help society. It now has many of the aspects of a modern insurance company. (http://www.woodmen.org/)

The most enduring physical legacy of the order may be the number of distinctive headstones erected in the shape of a severed tree by members in American cemeteries.
Thank you all. Yes, spent some time meandering through Huntsville. Tourmeister, were you on your bike? I'll look forward to more info on DS rides, although my dirt riding skills are novice, at best. But that won't let me from at least giving a go at trying. :rider: Have a good day all :-P
I was inside a local restaurant and saw you zing past the window...
I enjoyed the pictures and your bike looks great. Enjoy.
Nice pics and report Peter! Love to get together sometime and ride the roads..paved and dirt!
Gee, I didn't see this when you originally posted it. Nice report. I've been on 1374 it's a nice road. Where do you commute to work to? Not downtown Houston??