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VFR1200X Owners Thread

Jan 17, 2005
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No Jarrett, we're going up that. Remember you told me you like going up more than down. No...you don't have to thank me.


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Apr 12, 2018
I'm about 2.5 months into owning the VFR1200X and still really digging it. So much so that I just realized that I haven't ridden the Africa Twin since November. Every outing since then has been on the VFR.

The VFR gives me the performance I was hoping for when I got into motorcycles, coming from modified jetskis. The DCT on it is not as smooth as the Africa Twin, but the power difference is pretty intoxicating. I didn't realize how big the difference was until MisterK surprised me with a drag race in downtown Mexia :)

I've just decided the VFR is going to be my pavement bike. Although, I've been down some gravel roads on it and it was fine. Not as comfortable as the AT there, but doable. I plan to make the Africa Twin my dedicated off pavement bike for rides that I know I'll be spending a good part of the time there.

The only mods I've done to the VFR have been adding an OEM Center Stand and Knight Design Lowered Footpegs. It had a Delkevic aftermarket exhaust on it when I got it. I wasn't a fan of the exhaust at first, but it has grown on me. The bike really growls. Otherwise, I feel like its a pretty nice bike in stock form and don't plan on making any more changes to it at this point.

I've got the itch to take it on a long pavement ride this year. Arkansas or Colorado or something. Still deciding where.