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Wall mural in Old Sacramento

May 23, 2011
Back home in ATX
Very little editing in Mac Photos. I have Lightroom, but, in the way that an octopus "should" be able to ride a bicycle, I find LR clunky and non-intuitive. Photos is less cluttered and I can just click on the way I want the photo to look.
Actually, I like the way most of the pics come out of this camera.
I have a ton to learn about the technical aspects and mindful composition, but, I'm having so much fun right now....
I had to resize it to upload. Seems very small now.


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Not Dave

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Sep 2, 2011
Coupland, TX
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It looks good, very colorful. I was reminded yesterday while reading about setting white balance instead of using the auto white balance function. There are a lot of blues and it can be warmed up by setting WB to "cloudy" or "shade" on a camera. In LR you can tweak the RAW setting for WB. Not saying you have to it's just the white has a slight blue tint to it unless it's my laptop.

Have fun in Sacramento, hope it is a fruitful trip.


Nov 28, 2006
North of Weird
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That's pretty cool.... Wondering what a B&W version would be like.....

As for picture size and display here, you have the SM account which is perfect for stuff like this. Just create a gallery called "Linked" and make the attributes "visible with link" and upload your shots you want posted in forums to that. Then, go to that image in that folder and in the lower right is the little arrow and line button. Click that, get a link for XL size, copy and paste the link in the thread with the image tags front and rear and be done with it. Let me know if you need some help....