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What Happened in Pee Paw's Scooter Shop Today?

Yesterday was a great day, I got up (at like 0330, so I could post up at 0430) and got out in the shop to get the DR-Z400SM running. I put her all back together and she fired up with a bump of the starter button like she always does. I have lots of sweet memories with this scooter, still miss her a little, but I have enjoyed playing with her.

The beginning of installing the air filter boot.



All in, you might note the cleanliness of Mr. Yoshimura full exhaust, mad skillz I have.




Then I took her for a 20 mile shake down, she pulls hard, handles well and in general rides just like I remember. The front brake light switch is not working, but Amazon had one and I will get it today. Chris has racked up a bill of epic proportions at PPSS, $6.00 for a spark plug and $10.81 for the switch. I did clean and lube the chain, but there is no charge for that. The yellow hoses on the carb were leftovers from a carb project a few years ago, so again no charge. Of course, I still might break it and that would cost him more. Really though, the bike is sweet, I appreciate the loan, Brad liked it and Diana liked it. We went up and down FM51 3 times to let us ride the Vitpilen and Diana's Super Duke R. So, the DR-Z suffered by comparison, but was a hoot. I actually got the front to chatter a time or two, but I fixed it by moving on the bike. Then, I slowed down and it was completely gone...hmmm, might be something to that.




So, it is nice to visit with old friends and riding with your kids is the best.


Headed for home, Diana said it is great to always have a riding buddy. I used to always have one too, but she grew up. I cherish my family rides and rides with friends. That is why we do it.

Headed to Corsicana...


I think if all husbands and wives rode Super Dukes, the world would be a happier place...be good, wear gear, do wheelies.
That's unlikely to be Doug. First of all, it's off road. If Doug is off road he'll be on something MUCH smaller, like the GasGas. Also, he'd not be climbing the hill, he'd be cussing at the bike trying to kick start it while it's out of gas. Definitely NOT Doug in that video. ;)
Hey, I been working hard this week. Went shooting shotguns this morning had a lot of fun, then I sat around. Got the brake light switch for the DR-Z400SM, so tomorrow morning I will get that in, might even try to wash her.
Yesterday morning, I installed the new brake light switch and learned to bleed a dirt bike front brake again. They key? Make the master cylinder the highest point, then it took about a reservoir full to get all the air out and she works well. Then, because I could, I cleaned the nasty thing. For the record, I used Simple Green, full strength, and a pressure washer. She cleaned up nice, the front tire was flat, but I think it was because I never checked it, monitoring. Anyway, I then rode her to old guy lunch and she was perfect, still love the DR-Z's, just probably won't own another since I promised Mrs. Oldtlsdoug I wouldn't. She still watches me closely when I play with a DR-Z, it is a disease I tell you.


And for the record, I still believe the 2005 was the best looking of the DR-Z400SMs. This one has a lot of the nice mods, Race Tech springs front and rear for a fat guy, E model base gasket, FCR-MX carb, later Stage II Hot Cams, DRC tail light and mount, fat bars (Chris did those), Full Yoshimura RS-3 exhaust, 3X3 mod, Twin Air Filter, Gixxer coil mod, all the safety interlocks are removed and bypassed, ASV shorty front brake lever and brake light pressure switch, Clarke 3.9 gallon tank (or 3.7 I am old and forget), also Chris put more roadworthy gearing, I found it harder to wheelie, so I can confirm this, finally there is the factory kickstart kit I installed all those years ago to help me start it without the compression release on the wicked cam that were in her, they are gone now and the Stage II cams have that release, she kick starts easily for a 400 four stroke. Overall, she is a well sorted, nice handling DR-Z, if she was mine she would get a big bore, I would lower her and improve the front brake. But she is sweet as is, there are 26.3k miles on her and she is perfect, no issues, well loved. The plastics look brand new, Chris takes good care of them. He will pick it back up soon, I won't miss her as much as I thought I did, plus he said if I did I could "borrow" her again if I so desired.

So, this weekend I had the two oldest grandbabies at the house. We were going to ride bikes and work on stuff. So, we did a lot of running around on the weekend, serviced the Mule (2018 Kawasaki 4010 Trans to be exact, so there is no confusion). Then Monday we rode bikes, I managed to slip off of the kick starter on the Gas Gas and got a nice abrasion on my right leg. Carmen and Jake said they had heard all those words before I uttered them. So sad, Pee Paw needs to wash out his potty mouth. Also, Chris came by and picked up the DR-Z. We took a spin, but it was a bit cold. I let him have some Vitpilen time and he enjoyed it.

I find the babies don't like to read much, so I went for the practical demonstration. Jake had no idea how to drain the oil out of the Mule, so I showed him the service manual and had him read how to do it, then we went at it.

...and most importantly, thank you to Chris for the great pics of the days events, I forgot to play.


He seemed to understand that some reading is good. Seems like he figured it out. He actually applied counter-torque to the ratchet and broke the bolt loose, well done Jake.


Then we decided to wear gloves and I asked Carmen what size, we measured and I said, you can wear the same ones I do, Jake was a little short. Carmen also can wear my riding boots, as can her mother, she is 11, will be 12 in January. Who knew she would have monster hands. Like a puppy, she is still growing, wonder how tall she'll be?


Jake fell a little short, but at 8, almost 9 he isn't too far behind. I think Pee Paw is getting smaller...


After getting the oil drained, we decided to install the drain plug while the Mule was in the air. This allowed us to learn about the torque wrench. And, of course, more reading.


And we torque, Jake had good form, after this Carmen wanted to do some work, so we started her with the oil filter. Note how low the lift is for Jake.


She was tight, I ended up using a tool. Carmen spun the filter off and spilled nary a drop when it came off, amazing!



This was when Carmen and I were marveling at the lack of oil spillage and wiping the tiny bit of oil around the filter after we replaced the filter.


Carmen was good with the lift, we got trained not to go under unless the vehicle was resting on the safety latches. Handy to have a lift for Mule maintenance.


Then we did the spark plugs, more reading, selecting sockets and gapping, torquing, Carmen is a champ. Jake had run off to walk with Yia-Yia (Mrs. Oldtlsdoug) and was therefore out of pocket at this point. I couldn't the torque wrench with my glove on, I kept "fat-fingering" it, hence the Michael Jackson look.




So, as with any good maintenance activity, there is the post maintenance ride. Chris and I got a full tour of the place, checked on the cows and caught up to Yia-Yia and Jake, I told Carmen that while it might be fun, we probably ought not to run over Jake, plus it might annoy Yia-Yia if we do, so crisis averted...



Thanks to Chris for the great pics, thanks to Carmen and Jake for hanging with us. The bike riding was good yesterday. Then to finish the day, I took them to Grandbury to Wal-Mart and bought a 75 inch TV for PPSS. The 42 inch is not working with the new location of the sitting area. I will probably seek volunteers to help me stuff it up on the wall. Should be fun. More to follow.

Also we went to see my buddy Leonard at Morphine Cycles (Bicycles) while in Granbury, had a good visit.


Jake had a tough day on Sunday, so he needed to recharge, this is in the middle of a 3 hour afternoon nap. So sweet when they are like this.


And here is my fresh wound so everyone can go, aw, that ain't bad, but I am telling you she is sore.


Finally, we headed home to Corsicana and went to baby brother Trey's T-Ball championship game, they remained undefeated and won. We are blessed, love my babies, friends and family. Be safe.

Beautiful kids. living the best life.

Just a helpful hint, around that age, they seem to prefer being called "grandKIDS" instead of "grandBABIES". (just sayin')

You are one blessed dude.

By the way, maybe one day we can introduce your grandaughter to my son Alex, who just turned 13. (5'10" and size 13 shoes) I can just see them tearing around the ranch on 4-wheelers and dirt bikes...