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Why do YOU like bikes?

...because I'm naturally curious about life and motorcycles have allowed me to explore life. How else do you experience the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch of what life has to offer all at once other than riding?

...and friendships with others.
Good thread! I like them for all the reasons posted so far (good answers!) And I’ll add….bikes are part of my life and family. My father has been riding off and on since I was born and even my mother rode for a while. And something I recently came to realize: I’m the poster child for ADHD. Didn’t learn about this till older age and it explained many things in my life. With ADD, one has low dopamine. That is the reason for not staying interested in one thing too long. On bikes…one must constantly pay attention. I believe that it stimulates constant dopamine stimulation. And besides music…motorcycling is about the only thing I can do for hours on end…Another I do Love is the feeling of being in control. I just feel more in control of things when I’m riding.
Driving a cage in the hill country is like watching it on TV. On a bike, you are IN the scenery.
“Its easy, thats just only wind and air and how to ride it and catch it.” Steve Trevor (Wonder Woman).

whether i’m flyIng or riding a bike the feeling is much the same.