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Wilson County Dual Sport Rides(ongoing)

Feb 10, 2015
Fm 1681, Stockdale.
This will be ongoing assuming more planned rides take place.


Southtex, Stromxtc, Mudslick, Jwaller and I went on my first attempt at organizing, routing, navigating and leading a group ride.

The ride came about by my need to return some tow straps to Jmz.

We met at my place for a 10am KSU. We went from my place to Gonzales via some roads suggested by Jmz.
nockenut to dewville, Leesville, bebe, monthalia, oak forest, sladen to Gonzales.
After we dropped off the straps we took lunch at a restaurant in Gonzales called the rodeo.

After lunch Jwaller split off and boogied on home, mudslick, strom, southtex and I continued on through cheapside, westhoff, sample and smiley from which mudslick headed home.

The three us of left took a route through Gillett towards kosciusko, where strom headed home through karnes city. Southtex and I continued to denhawken where we split paths, I headed back to nockenut through pandora.

I didnt pay much attention to the road numbers, I was too busy trying to navigate and lead for the first time.

The route home had alittle more asphalt than I would like. The roads were not to bad(in my mind), only a couple very slick spots.

Hopefully some of the others will post up their photos and thoughts here.

We plan on having more rides south of San Antonio. This thread https://www.twtex.com/forums/threads/wilson-county-dual-sport-riders.119730/ will be updated once another ride is planned.