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Women's riding accessories

May 22, 2013
Thorndale, tx
Well, my wife sold her bike and I am discovering I have 800 square feet of boxed up women's motorcycle apparel. Well It may not be quite that bad but close. If any of you gals need something, anything, let me know and I'll connect you with her. She probably has it in a sealed box somewhere, and it's the good stuff. Fine linens if you know what I mean. Bags, large and small, for packing items in or on the bike itself, waterproof stuff, multiple pairs of nice, lightly if at all used gloves, helmets, boots etc.

Someone should put this stuff to work. For at least 20 years, if it was advertised in the back of cycle mag, or Rider, it usually showed up on my wall in the shop or her closet. OK, added sizes. She says it's best to come and try the stuff on to be sure.

Sizes: She's 5'6" 118#
Pants- generally wears size 6
Inseam is 31"
Boots are size 8
Gloves- probably "large"
Shirts /Jackets usually are large/size 10 ish.
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