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DAL/FTW: WWII Military vehicles

Oct 16, 2009
Waco, TX
Just posting to gauge interest.

I have a friend who is trying to help out an elderly lady. Her husband passed away leaving a couple of WWII vehicles, an ambulance and a command car from what I have been told. I don’t know any of the details on the vehicles. Apparently there are also uniforms, bayonets and weapons in his collection. If we have any buffs on here that are seriously interested please get in touch with me and I will put you in touch with my friend and hopefully help her friend out. It sounds a bit convoluted, however this may work out well for everyone. I personally do not know the widow, I don’t know the vehicles or any real details. Sorry.

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Oct 12, 2018
I have contact with The Pacific War Musem in Fredricksburg. They may be interested.

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