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Auto Focus help needed...

Apr 10, 2009
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I know we've got some very knowledgeable camera people on this forum, maybe one of you can give me some advice on this problem:

I have a CanonPowerShot SD850IS pocket camera, and it will no longer focus properly. When I press the shutter button the little orange light above the lens comes on briefly (I assume that's the IR beam for focussing?) but the lens doesn't focus. All my shots are out of focus.

This camera is probably 8 or 9 years old and it's been used pretty hard. Is it worth trying to fix or should I consider it used up?

Gracias, guys. I guess I could try blowing it clean with compressed air, but since the lens moves in and out smoothly, I doubt that's where the problem lies. My phone takes such good pictures that I wonder if I should even bother replacing the camera!
:tab I have an SD 800 and I has never focused well. It tries, but never seems to get what I want focused. I lost a whole trip's worth of shots because of it :doh: On the other hand, my 10 year old SD600 is still rocking along and takes great pics despite falling off the bike while riding, being dropped multiple times, etc,... I agree about the phone though. My iPhone 6 takes such great photos and videos, it almost seems redundant to carry a separate small camera. If you really like that camera, I bet you could get another for less than what it would cost to have it repaired.
You couldn't get it looked at for the price of a new camera. My first digital, in 2002, was a nice little Sony for $400. My most recent pocket camera, a vastly superior 2013 Canon ELP-something, cost $150. Drop a couple of bills and treat yourself to a massive upgrade.