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Cal Sci Windshield

Jun 13, 2006
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OK...I'm impressed. I took a 1000 mile trip a few months back and a FANTASTIC guy from the Concours forum named Phil loaned me his Cee Baily Ultra Tour. I liked it a lot and thought I'd be getting one, because I liked it so much. What I didn't like about it was how it kicked the air into my face in the down position, and it did so in a pretty turbulent manner. So I thought I'd get that and it'd be my "long trip and winter" windshield.

Well...a guy on the Connie forum had a new-in-box Cal Sci Large windshield that he was selling for 1/2 of retail. I figured for that price, if I hated it, I wouldn't lose anything re-selling it, so I'd give it a try.

IT'S AWESOME! Those guy know what they're doing! The T-hole cut into the shield releases the back pressure so even when the shield is down and air is streaming over the shield into my face it's clean and smooth. When it's up, I got every single advantage of the Cee Baily. The Cal Sci XL shield is only 1.75" taller than the Large, so I'm not sure if I'd even get any benefit off of that...so barring a terrific deal on one of those :lol2: I'm probably going to stick with this... and I can use it year round, unlike that Ultra Tour - which was a good shield, just not as versatile as the Cal Sci.