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Aug 15, 2006
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Little late Sunday ride solo. I swore I saw Bigfoot a couple of times. Right after a little shower and temp 83, pretty good for Tx summer!
The only times I've ever ridden there was when there had an TSCEC race. It was always really fun.
Decision time, renewals are due, trying to decide to renew or sell bikes and move on. :giveup:Getting older and hurt after riding, lol, but main thing, for various reasons, some my fault, some just logistics, and some unknown to me I'm down to 1rider of my age to ride with. I have young friends that will ride but getting harder to hold pace with them now. The one my age has many other interests so he does not ride as much as I would like to. So before I send my check got some serious thinking to do.
Could you actually just give it up...? What else would keep you young!?
Could you actually just give it up...? What else would keep you young!?
Who knows, a lot going on now for an old man. Went back to work, part time, that ended up being overtime this week, wrong direction for sure. When I'm off just want to rest, lol. Easier to give up without riding buddies, dual sport, gravel roads is fine solo so that is always an option.
Understood! Having no riding buddy and no local places to ride makes it very hard no matter your love of the sport after forty + years. Been a member of Cycleand three different times since the day it opened and the three hour drive makes it difficult as the years go by. And needing a motel room to make it more comfortable gets old also. With the work requirements of C-Land and changing membership groups it is not always fun and games either.
I've got the check wrote and in an envelope for a week now, need to mail or.....
Did 38.9 miles today. Cool weather sure makes it better. Just Larry King and me.
envious I was sure thinking how nice it was to have been riding this morning, instead of watching paint dry
OK, how long did it take?
We were out 3 or 4 hours. Rode hard for 25 miles then worked through logged sections and did little clean up as we went. No trophies today.
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And it's been a while since I'm working now that I rode that far, cramped bad last night! Going to SHNF this morning to work them out! ha