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Everythings better with Bluebonnets on it

A couple of posts back there was the comparison of wildflowers versus hayfields. Here's a picture to illustrate that struggle, newly seeded...
Hedded bac down to Llano tomorro for lunch & a few more county roads.
One more time ta snort up some wildflaurs (weeds)

No pics from todays ride... but jus let me say....
YOU MUST RIDE LLANO CR225 AT LAKE BUCHANNAN....MUST!! ... quik before the bluebonnets are gone.
CR113 was colorful too ..16 to FM2323
CR215 was also worth it
One more trek today....same Lake Buchannan area...different look

First 2 pics are actually breaktime near Cherokee off of FM501
Next pic with old house is at Baby Head on CR226 off of 16
Last pic with endless yellow was on CR216
Jus after I got bac on the bike....the view got much much better...with the yellow carpet under the trees as far as I could see from the road.
The endless bluebonnets on CR225 at Lake Buchannan at Island Ln werent as endless as before....still there...jus not as dramatic a view.
No pics of those. Shoulda stopped for pics last time we were there. Oh well
The image is with me.


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