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For Sale - 2016 Bandit 1250 Throttle Body w/ Secondary Throttle Blades, Rod, STVA & Sensor Removed. Comes w/ Healtech STVE-03. $300 + Shipping

Mar 24, 2020
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United States
2016 Suzuki GSF1250 Bandit Throttle Body Stage 2 Upgrade . Condition is Used. This is a custom throttle body with the secondary throttle blades, the rod, the STVA and the sensor removed. Increase you upper rpm performance and throttle response. Just reuse your fuel injector rail and your injector wiring harness to install. To avoid the code 28 STVA malfunction light, use the included HealTech STV eliminator module (a $90 value).

This was one of my best modifications when I did Dale Walker’s Holeshot Stage 2 upgrade to my 2016 Suzuki Bandit. Many just remove the secondary throttle blades leaving the rod in place which disrupts the airflow due to its’ position and shape. Removing the rod reduces turbulence and made my throttle response smoother and easier to modulate.

This is perfect for those who did stage 1 and are ready to take advantage of more upper end power and don’t want to attempt removing the blades and stripping the screws

It is also advantageous for those with the blades already removed to gain better throttle response and get rid of the STVA before it fails which is a costly repair.

Lastly, for those who attempted the secondary blade removal and stripped the screws or mangled the rod, just replace the throttle body with this one to clean it all up.


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