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Geeorgetown area

Mar 25, 2008
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SE Texas
Will be there visiting some friends for a couple days. Eatery suggestions needed please. Casual dress. Thanks.
Zephyr and I ate at The Monument in G-town and it was pretty good. Smokey Mos on the highway has decent BBQ in Liberty Hill right close to G-Town. Also the CFS at Hill Country Cafe is decent. I have heard several times that The Dahlia Cafe there in Liberty Hill is worth going to but not open on Sundays.
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Sorry guys, ended up in Austin. Was making the trip to visit/support a friends son who had a terrible mx accident. He was in Brackenridge Hosp. Fortunately the area has great food around every corner. No telling what I'd weigh if I lived there. Thanks for all the suggestions.
Walberg German Restaurant Friday or Sat best

Stopped there for lunch yesterday while out visiting the grand kids and running the beemer through it's check-out ride, having recently put it back together.

"Wurst und bier, bitte," is about the only phrase in German I've ever had a need of. The homemade sausage and sauerkraut was very good, very German. They also offer a large variety of German beers - a good thing since I found the ice water there undrinkable. See that they offer a buffet on the weekends. The weekend is when the huge outside biergarten is open too.

Located a couple of miles NE of Georgetown on FM 972. Another stop during Oktoberfest is in order. :eat: