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Is this normal for a cross country trip?

Jun 13, 2014
I may be playing Dodge ball with the Big Man upstairs but I know I can't rush my day any sooner than He wants. That being said I do have a good life insurance policy and we are debt free besides the house so the wife would not have to much to clean up. I need to work on a written plan just in case as she would not know what to do right off.
I have been riding before the kids and still are. The only main change is the wife stopped riding so we don't make any total orphans.

Not fun stuff to think about but important for sure.


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Apr 26, 2004
New Braunfels Texas
I generally update these items once a year, but it is more set to me by my work travel schedule as I drive 70K miles per year on average for work and have always felt
my chances for a major issue is during these times as I am traveling in large metropolitan areas during high traffic schedules