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Lunch in the Country


Nov 11, 2004
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Boonsville, Tx

Boonsville-Balsora VFD will be hosting their annual fundraiser and open house Saturday May 19, 2012. We will serve some pretty tasty brisket and sausage and beans :eat: and maybe even some PIE for desert on a donation basis @ noon in the Boonsville Community Center. The VFD is one of several activities that eat into my riding time!:lol2: I am the only charter member still active after almost 45 years of service in the southwest Wise county area.
Lots of nice county roads heading several directions with very little traffic.

Warning: Some of the locals may be confused by "Power Ranger" outfits:eek2:
However you should expect no reaction beyond a curious stare.

Boonsville is between Bridgeport and Weatherford on FM920 3.5 miles north of Hwy 199
Several views, but no commitments or even a comment?? Did you notice that PIE was mentioned in the second sentence? There will probably be a pie or two in the auction that follows the lunch. Last shameless bump as I need to expose some sausage to some more smoke.
This is one of those weekends where all kinds of events are happening. For one, you are up against the annual Hico Steak cook-off!

Hope it goes well...
Paul, this announcement was kinda buried - maybe next time it should be in the main Upcoming Rides, Trips, and Events section.

How long did it last? - I was see-sawing back and forth as to whether to come or not. I figured it would be close to 1:30 by the time I got there...
Probably the last folks to eat came through the line about one. A young friend cooked the briskets and they were excellent!! I smoked a ham and several pounds of sausage which all disappeared. We fed about a hundred folks which was a good crowd for the amount of workers we had today.(graduations and a funeral) Good thing we didn't have a large TWT contingent as all the ladies brought cakes instead of pie this time:giveup:
I'll try to remember to post it next year, although I'm rarely sure what section to post in.