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Moto Camping Living Large


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Apr 9, 2018
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Motorcycle camping living large and in charge . Enjoy
Pretty cool. I've seen similar at a rally before. I wouldn't want to try taking that many of the places I've been. My setup works a little better off the beaten path.

I watched that video a week or so ago on Common. Tread Pretty wild. I give Ari major points both for creativity and clever workmanship in building the Wing-eBago. But as I watched them get into the actual ride, I couldn't help thinking how bat-poop crazy he was. I would have quit within the first 5 minutes of riding. Then again, these guys are vastly more adventurous than I am, and have the skills to back it up. It was fun to watch. But I'll stick to 4-wheel RVing, thank you very much.

Maybe it will inspire someone to create a production topper for big bikes. Personally, I think it would have to fold down & have fabric sides, both for weight & to reduce the massive amount of wind resistance.
I have a small toy hauler that can fit a couple of bikes. It's pretty cool but won't work for a group. Then I have this guy:


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As a former full time RVer in a 40 ft. GS toy hauler I was amused by the video. Wife thought it was funny too. But the trailer option was clearly the winner. IMHO. 🤪
Ten years ago, camping outside of Taos, I ran into this fellow from Corpus Christi. He told us he spent about 3 months each year living this way. He was sleeping in a tent. But when we needed a couple of odds & ends to do a minor repair on one of the bikes, he opened up the trailer & had enough tools & jars of screws & bolts in there to fix just about anything. I don't know what that trailer weighed with all that stuff, but that Yamaha worked hard for its living.


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Stopped and talked to two guys fishing along a stream in South Dakota that each were pulling small pop up campers behind their Gold Wings. They were retired not married and spent several months fishing and camping out west. At the time I could not see myself with such a rig but now I could see myself with one.
This is the way we found our way to Texas, with out bikes in the back. Wife was ready for a house again. That's her R1220R she photographed.


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