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My favorite DFW rides

Apr 4, 2022
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Fort Worth, TX
Hey y'all!

There are some decent well-hidden rides around the Fort Worth area, here are my favorites.

Kelly Rd - FM 5 loop (38mi, 1hr): Starts at Kelly Rd & US 377 southwest of Benbrook, heads up toward Weatherford and then hangs a right to connect to FM 5 in Anetta (my favorite curves in DFW are on FM 5).

Lockheed - Cahoba (23mi, 50min): Starts on I-30W, take the 183N exit but follow signs to Lockheed Blvd. This tight, slow, and bumpy route shadows Lake Worth and is full of great views. Watch for deer during sunset/sunrise, and beware of aloof cars as most corners are blind.

Rhome - Elizabethtown (41mi, 1hr): Starts at 114 and US 287, and heads up back roads toward Decatur (optional stop at Trinity St. Coffee Bar ), then back along FM roads to Elizabethtown.
Thank you for sharing these. I'm south of Dallas and have yet to find routes that I really like. Too many places I'd like to ride are too close to "the big city" and therefor full of clueless people in cars on their phones.
Lots of nice roads on the west side of the metromess, from the north to the south. Check out FM4 coming out of Cleburne to Jacksboro, for example.
Lots of nice roads on the west side of the metromess, from the north to the south. Check out FM4 coming out of Cleburne to Jacksboro, for example.
Yeah I like FM4. FM51 just north of US67 is really nice, too. Freshly paved, new paint, lots of safety features installed.

I used to like FM16 near Possum Kingdom Dam too, until they tarred and rocked over the really nice pavement and didn't steamroll it late last year :angryfire
FM 5 and 51 are 2 of my favs, especially with the fresh pavement on 51. If you like fast sweepers, FM 916 from Rio Vista to Grandview is another fun route, especially the portion from 171 to Grandview.
@jgrm1, Thanks for the offer. If I ever get back on my bike again, I'll hit you up. Every time I turn around, there's something else going on that keeps me from riding.
We did 1/2 of the "North Texas Twisties (see gpx posted above)" Wednesday. We wanted a burger in Celina and were sad to see the outdoor burger place was closed. I'm hoping its just a temp thing, it was a biker fav.

We took the "tiddler" route to escape Dallas. It started on Jupiter to Plano, left on 14th street south of downtown, then Greenville or 5 up to McKinney. I don't much care for taking Central (75) on the DRZ; traffic just too fast and dangerous. If you are looking for a slower, safer escape to the north from Dallas, this is a good one.
Here's a ride out of SW DFW that I've enjoyed a few times. About 3.5-4 hrs or so depending on your start point.

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