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Photo Assignment #209 - Craftsmanship (Assignment)


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Apr 4, 2006
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I am a tinkerer and as such, I have always found myself pulled in the direction of anything that really highlights true craftsmanship. Not just "hand made" items either. To me craftsmanship can be found in things machine made as well. After all, it was a human that programmed the machine so I can draw those parallels quite easily.

Take a photo that truly highlights craftsmanship in some way. That is really it. It can be anything from a photo of you or someone carving it up at a wood lathe, or laying down a great weld bead. Or it could even be a photo of a really cool motorcycle part that just shows off true craftsmanship.

Rules and Regulations:
1. You may only submit one photo as your entry, but you may update it at any time before the deadline.
2. Let the photo do the talking, no comments or captions about it
3. All forum posting rules apply regarding suitability of an image to post
4. Your photograph for the entry has to have been taken between February 1st and February 28th, 2023

Entry Submission

Please submit your entry photo here.

Below are some photos to get the creative juices percolating.

Craftsmanship Example-1.jpg

Craftsmanship Example-2.jpg

Craftsmanship Example-5.jpg

Craftsmanship Example-4.jpg

Bonus points if you know without looking it up, where this very somber photo was taken at.


A bodywork hammer, a multi-tool, and some Topo Chico bottle caps? I'm not sure the why behind it but that sure looks like some country craftsmanship happening!

image000000 2.JPG
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Project next weekend should be promising - Eagle scout and tagalongs at my house to build a Little Free Library. We'll see how much true craftmanship comes out of it.

old pics.

I was just waiting to see if you were going to post up a wood working picture. My brain 'focused' in on some sort of two piece joint at right angles to one another, like a drawer, and those fancy male/female interlocking cuts. Not sure what they're called, but two toned wood would be aweome. :deal:
Drawers use rabbet, daddo and/or dovetail joints.
All the joints in the second piece except the foot are mortise and tenon. There are 2 tenons at the top ready for the mortised piece.
I wanted JIC fitting for a proper cooler hose.
Mechanically-minded Harley faithful who know what an o-ring boss fitting is will appreciate required machine work
And yes , my oil thermostat is still working after the mod
Not bad for a home shop