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Roadside Assistance Forum Email Subscription Question

I wasn't subscribed but figured I'd subscribe and test as a new subscriber for you.

I wasn't subscribed but figured I'd subscribe and test as a new subscriber for you.


Posting "test" in this thread is not a test of what we are discussing. Unless you are actually subscribed to this thread, you won't get a notice. Even then, you will only get a reply if someone replies to the thread AFTER you subscribe. You will not get a notice for your own reply.

The feature we are testing/discussing is the forum subscription function. This is supposed to sent you a notification email when a NEW THREAD is created. I am now wondering if the reason I did not get the emails for my test posts is because I am the one that posted the new threads. So what I need is for ONE of you to post a new thread so I can see if I get the email. Then I will nuke that test thread. ;-)
Ooooh, gotcha. I thought subscribing to the forum would let you know of any updates to the forum. Hang on, I'll start one and see if you get the email.
Actually, this was in my inbox.

Dear gixxerjasen,

mitchntx has just created a new thread titled - Test message. - in the Roadside Assistance/Recovery Needed forum of TWT Forums, which you have subscribed to.

This thread is located at:

Here is the message that has just been posted:
I subscribed to the FORUM and posted in an existing thread.
I received no notification.

The TWT Grand Poo-Bah asked one of his loyal followers to create a new thread as a test.
G-mail user

No notifications
OK. That makes me feel better. Random e-mails with invalid links kinda get to ya after a bit.

I mean, most of them are spam, and just deleted...but this site I actually watch for. I may not be able to help, but I can try.