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Roadside Assistance/Recovery - How this forum section works


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Feb 28, 2003
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This forum section is where riders on the road can post up when they need roadside assistance or recovery.

If you wish to help folks, just post up on their threads and explain what you can do for them.

You can monitor this forum section for new threads by "Watching" the forum.

You will NOT get an email notification for a thread YOU started. You will NOT get an email notification for a reply in a thread you are subscribed to for YOUR posts. The forum software figures we are smart enough to know when we've created a thread or replied to one ;-)
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Additional info submitted by TWT user "Beefsalad"

beefsalad said:
I think 2 things should be added to that post.

#1 On the back of every TX drivers license has "Texas Roadside Assistance 1-800-525-5555"

#2 North American Biker Rescue on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/Neighbors.NABRs/ )
has something along the lines for 30000 members throughout the world. They have a family friendly lounge and an adult lounge for the non-rescue chatter. They keep the main page basically clear for what they call "silver alerts," when there is a rider in need. When people join, they need to post up their location on the pinned post so they are added to the zeemap. The zeemap is used so that the admins can tag members close to the person in need. Access to zeemaps info is restricted to admins usage only. Ran 100% by volunteers, much like this thread is.
You can monitor this forum section for new threads by subscribing to the forum. While you are viewing this forum section, simply click on the "Forum tools" drop down and select the "Subscribe to this forum" option. You can then select which type of notification you wish to receive whenever a new thread is created in this forum.
With the software update, does this wording need to be changed to "Watch" this forum? I don't see a "subscribe to this forum" option. (but I could be blind)