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Simple Camera Recomendation

Nov 11, 2007
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Rendon TX
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I'm looking for a recommendation for a simple but robust camera.

I have been using a Panasonic camera that had a very nice zoom lens as my trip camera. I say it had a nice lens, because I dropped it and made it not so nice. I liked that camera, but it was frankly a little fussy for the way I use it. It took a couple of seconds for the lens to wake up and extend etc. I would like to be able to tether the new one to my jacket so I can use it on the fly or stuff it in my pocket etc. Since I'm pretty much a fat fingered gorilla, robust would be nice and fast to wake up, focus and shoot would be a bonus. FWIW, I would never consider myself to be a real photographer, but I woould like nice snapshots like some I've seen here. Anything particular jump to mind?
I just bought a brand new Canon SX730. I haven't even had a chance to give it a decent workout yet, but from a couple of days' play, I like what I see. It'll do nearly anything my SLR will do: long zoom, wide angle, macro, shutter-preferred, aperture-preferred, plus it has all those cool modes. Or, you can just set it on full auto and forget about it. I bought it specifically so that I can get high quality pictures without having my Nikon stuffed in my tank bag.