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There comes a time...


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Feb 28, 2003
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So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.
Psalm 90:12 KJV

As a youngster, it was easy to take the days and time for granted. Looking back down the years and getting into my late 50s, not so much anymore... We all know our time is limited, but few of us KNOW in the sense that it is an imminent reality. We have our midlife crisis. We worry about things we might have done, could have done, should have done, etc... Turning the corner means thinking more about what can still be done with the time that remains? Are our past priorities still our priorities or is the passing of time changing them? Losing friends to death brings that corner into view sooner rather than later. In recent years, and even in recent months, I have lost quite a few friends. I found myself at that corner wondering, reflecting, dreaming, wanting to jump, afraid to jump, desperate for change, terrified of change. We all have these corners in our lives, some related to time, some related to other issues, like deciding when to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves. We can wait for life to change things for us or we can seek the change we want, It isn't easy to do the latter. No one can do it for us. It might be admitting we have a problem and seeking help. It might be changing a habit that we know is destructive. In the end, the time comes where we have to make a choice, continue on the path even though we are in comfortable misery or step off the curb and take a new path into the uncomfortable unknown

After 30 years in the same stressful job, I finally reached the point where I could no longer stand on a particular corner with work. I had to step off. As of August 1st, I closed down my business and told customers I've had for 30 years that I was taking three months off to spend time with mid wife and kids. In particular, I would be taking Sarah (almost 19) and Daniel (17 in a few days) on a six week adventure trip up and down the Rocky Mountains from New Mexico to Canada and back. My wife was all for it. She and Rachel (15 in a few weeks) will be doing a Caribbean cruise while we are gone for Rachel's birthday. After buying two KTM 390 Adventures and spending months getting them and my 2017 BMW R1200 GS Rallye ready to go, we departed at 7:00am this morning, bound for Farmington, New Mexico. We will be leaving the truck and trailer at the home of a former client.

The "plan" is to camp as much a possible and get a hotel every now and then when we can't stand the smell of each other or ourselves :wary: I have a route that consists of 40 days of riding if we do the whole thing. However, I don't have specific daily destinations in mind. The goal is to play each day as it comes. We'll sprinkle rest days here and there to prevent wearing ourselves out. The route consists of days that average about 200 miles per day, some as low as 125 miles and a few around 300 miles when we just have to knock out some pavement to get to the next fun section of dirt. We'll be riding in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. We aren't specifically doing and of the Backroad Discovery Routes (BDRs) but I am sure we will hit parts of them along the way.

We knocked out about 12 hours today and got a good way into New Mexico so that tomorrow can be a short day, arriving in Farmington early so we can take our time unloading the trailer and getting everything on the bikes. Also, I want to get a good night of sleep! I will try to post pics and videos as I can depending on internet service and what we are doing. We are hoping to change the way we all see things by breaking out of our routines for an extended period of time. We are hoping to meet a lot of interesting people along the way that might assist with changing our perspectives. Then, when forced back to the grind of reality and routine, perhaps we can put some of that new perspective to work to make some long term changes for the better.

Noah and his clan endured 40 days and 40 nights of rain cooped up in a smelly boat with a zoo. Jesus endured 40 days and 40 nights in the desert being tempted by Satan. Can this old dog survive 40 days and 40 nights on the road with two restless pups?





Texas Panhandle trees... NOT "green" :roll:



They literally have astro turf patches for the dogs to whiz and poop on at most of the hotels here in Santa Rosa. It would seem some still prefer the real thing and their owners are not very considerate :doh:

Meh... Good places to eat are in short supply here... This was pricey for meh...

Sort of sums of how I've been feeling about life prior to deciding to make the leap... :zen:
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When you get to north central Wyoming I’m at a campground with a nice shower house and good food close by except closed Monday but there still good food 15 miles down the road or up on top the mountain at a new place I’ve been going too . Shell Campground , Shell Wyoming , rv space one
What a great trip and a great set of memories for your kids. Can't wait to follow along with your pictures!
I was wondering how the business was going to function while you were gone... that certainly got answered. Good for you.
So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.
Psalm 90:12 KJV

.... lost quite a few friends. I found myself .... wondering .... afraid to jump, desperate for change, terrified of change. We all have these corners in our lives....
Yes, Scott, we all encounter similar situations. I admire your gumption to put family over work -- few of us have such faith and courage.

Y'all travel safe and make lots of memories.
My only problem trying to retire is when I go back south they start bringing equipment to my shop , it seems somethings nobody else can fix . A new project came along thursday , owner here bought a 2002 Monoco rv that froze and had some water damage , for less than scrap value . Excellent running gear and exterior with new batteries . Plumbing , sub floor damage in the walk spaces and floor will all be replaced . Yesterday I spent most of the day tinkering with it , shore power back operational , generator brought back to life , so far all simple stuff and no serious problems found . He does really good wood work and is handy with the nice trim out type stuff . This is going to be a sweet ride when refinished inside . The hardest part is figuring out all the systems .
Good dad and crew! That other stuff will sort itself out. Way to charge headlong into the unknown!
Good for you for making the decision. I hope your long term customers are waiting for you when you come back. And when you're back, maybe start another thread & explore some of your thoughts about what changes - or at least how you perceive things changes - as you age.

But for now, I'd encourage you to do one thing. Forget about TWT, trust your fellow admins to run it, ignore your phone as much as possible, and devote yourself to the kids and to the adventure. And when you get back, give us an account of the trip & post a bunch of pictures. No need to do it now; we'll all be here in a few weeks. Drop out for a while & enjoy the moment.
We made it to Farmington fairly early in the day, sometime around 3:00pm or so, dropped off the bikes at our hotel, dropped off the truck at my former client's home, got a ride from him back to the hotel, and had an evening to goof off. We ended up walking across the highway to a nearby mall that had a Fudruckers. I have always liked Fudruckers. This one was an exception to that general rule... After a meh dinner, we headed back toward the hotel via a nearby Chikfila because the kids wanted milkshakes. Who was I to argue? Later in the evening Daniel and I walked to a nearby Freddy's and got a custard. So much for this being a low carb trip...! We sat out on the porch watching all the locals cruise back and forth NM 516 or Main Street. There were BIG trucks, Fart cars, a few motorcycles, and even a flame spitting VW bug! It started raining while we were sitting there and showed no signs of letting up according to the radar, so we had to beat feet through the rain to get back to the hotel. It was quite windy and amazingly cold for the middle of August! I wanted everyone to get to sleep at a decent time so we would start the trip fresh in the morning. Getting the kids to turns their phone off and go to bed was a challenge!

These are random shows of the country side between Santa Rosa and Farmington, not sure which roads....




Going through the gear one more time. There is a Wal-mart next door in case we missed something.

Where my truck would be sitting for the next 51 days

Where my former client used to host parties for his clients with BBQ, drinks, and live music. A nice secure area behind his house where the truck is out of sight.


That face when she knows there is a milk shake on the way...




Totally me...

Joined at the thumbs... Both of them. My goal is to look at my phone as little as possible during this trip!
I’ll be following along. I was thinking about y’all yesterday as we were just riding around the yard. I still have the 110 I bought Emily after she rode Sarah’s. Emily threw a leg over Colton’s 525 yesterday and managed to start and stop by hanging off one side.

You or your kids will never forget this ride.
May our Lord bless and keep safe, both you and the family on the ride and the cruise. What an adventure. 40 days will get you out of the north just in time to avoid the first snow if lucky.
Whereas I agree with Tim to forget about running TWT (definitely agree with that)

Selfishly, I hope to hear from y’all periodically. Be esp great to hear from Daniel and Sarah on occasion.

Adventure on!
Many years ago before I was married we went to the mountains and camped and rode. Later in life my son who grew up riding with me said WE should rode trip and go ride the mountains. So we decided that if we didn't make a plan to go it would never happen. We made plans and went several times. Those memories cannot be replaced at any cost.
So yes, your doing the right thing and you will be forever grateful for the time and experience you are going to have, I know I am.
As I started reading your post, I thought you were going to lead into a retirement decision. I see your from Huntsville, not too far from me. I'm looking forward to a time when I can do a ride like this. I already have some destinations in mind that will be a part of it. I'll probably have to do it by myself. I'm at a place you describe. Foir me it's getting to be tie to decide when and how I walk away from a up to now, 29 year job. Becoming single a few years ago, I had to start over financially from practically nothing. I've gotten rid of a lot of debt but still have my house and truck. Right now I'm focusing on getting some health issues addressed before I don't have the insurance that I have now. There;s a few things that I would like, like a brand new bike, but I dont' think that would be a wise decision for me yet.

My trip, I want to ride though New Mexico, Colorado, up to the top of Pikes Peak.. And while I'm that far, I'd like to ride into Wyoming Nebraska and Kansas. When I look at the map I say well I'm that far might as well hit both Dakotas, and I might as well do Montana and a little bit of Canada. Ans when your that far, come back thru Minnesota Iowa and Missouri. And might as well see a little of Wisconsin and Illinois too.

So with that, I'll need quite a few days and p[possibly a new bike, so we'll see.

Keep that pics and updates coing please. I'll keep dreaming of my trip in the meantime.
Whereas I agree with Tim to forget about running TWT (definitely agree with that)

Selfishly, I hope to hear from y’all periodically. Be esp great to hear from Daniel and Sarah on occasion.

Adventure on!

My thoughts exactly!