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This says it all

Dec 18, 2009
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I have posted a couple of Adam Riemann's video's. He always has great film and a message. :zen:
Here is one from the great northwest. GREAT film and the perfect message.
"the best day racing doesn't hold a candle to the best day riding with your friends."
RG has been posting up some pretty good video's here. Well here is my offer.
Someone get hold of Coolhand and see if this is for real. Looks like great riding.

[ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2ehjHFwYoE&app=desktop"]Beyond The Mist *4k Ultra HD - YouTube[/ame]

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I've never been to the PNW but it is beautiful. Well, I've been to southern Oregon near Crater Lake but wasn't riding then.

Our stinky country internet isn't fast enough for me to watch this in HD like it was shot, which stinks. Oh well, I got the picture. Thanks for posting.
Thanks Sam great video sure wish I could ride with you guys this weekend,hope you all have fun.
Nice find, Sam....

That might make me 'think' about this kind of riding. :-)
He (Adam Riemann) has a great Youtube channel loaded with awesome videos. My kids love watching them, as do I. I only wish I could ride in the places where he gets to ride and had the skills to really enjoy them like he does :doh:
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"the best day racing doesn't hold a candle to the best day riding with your friends."

I've never raced, but that sentiment captures perfectly my thinking when I started this forum. It is still the best part about the trips I take and the events I attend, sharing the experience with good friends.
I have raced bikes most of my life. Around '03 I quit riding to take care of my father. Mrs C. and I spent some really great time with him and we cherish that a lot. When he passed I got back into the enduro scene, but it was not the same. That's when I realized I raced to ride with my friends, and it was not the racing that I needed. That's why I liked enduro so much, no matter what class everyone was in, we all rode on the same row. So I quit and just ride with my friends now.
That's all it has ever been about, it just took 40 years to figure it out. :zen:

And yes, Adam has great videos, and a great message to go with them.

Hey Gents -

Sam called me out. Yes that sure looks like Western Washington and I have friends who post similar videos of their own making from that area. My more recent experience in the PNW was always on the dry side of the mountains, so my riding looked very different than that - much more high desert, cactus, sand, juniper trees, and ponderosas. :)

The PNW is all beautiful and much much different than our TEXAS and south eastern forest riding. I buddy and I rode the '86 Trask Mtn ISDE 2day qualifier in Yamhill, OR and I have never forgotten it. Hard to describe the beauty and really makes it tough to go to the SHNF, especially in the summer. And I really like the occasional HS and enduro. Most times I come home from a trail ride and feel like I have wasted the day other than the excersize. Really enjoy the camaraderie but to see the best trails in many areas it requires entering an event.
Just came back from a business trip to Spokane and Couer D' Alene. Man I will say that the weather was great and the views were very nice. A truly beautiful place. The drive between the two was full of beautiful rolling hills green tall alfalfa. Maybe post card shots to be had.