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White river cabin rental, arkansas ozarks

Jun 5, 2007
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Fort Worth, Tejas
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Off the rental market for a while. Courtesy of the Covid Pandemic I took an early retirement and left Texas for Arkansas for good. I spend much of my time at the cabin and am continuing improvements. I will update when I anticipate renting again.
Thanks very much for all your interest.

Chris Gaines

Update 21 February, 2019
Extensive renovation just completed on the cabin. Living area increased about 30% with a wall of windows and glass doors overlooking the river. You can literally see eagles flying by and otters swimming in the river.

Cabin on the White River near Calico Rock, Arkansas for rent.

Cabin located at an excellent fishing site and just across the river from the Ozark National Forest. The White River is a premier trout stream with trophy Rainbows and Browns. Great on and off road riding abounds in this area. The road into the cabin is an adventure in itself! Great mountain biking nearby at the Syllamore Mountain Bike Trails which have several loops totalling about 60 miles. Cabin has a deck on the river and a rough boat launch available (gravel).

Amenities: 2 bedroom with a queen bed in one bedroom and a full with twin
bunks in the other. Sleeps 5 comfortably, six if you don't mind the couch.

4K 55 inch Roku TV with Amazon, Netflix and Sling streaming


Multi-zoned heat pump with individual AC and heat controls for each

Soapstone wood stove...I keep plenty of wood for guests.


Deck with dock on the river (renovating spring-summer 2019 but
should remain usable)

Large shower with dual spray heads

PM me for further details and availability. If I'm unavailable...(on the river fishing) go to

www.mountoliveoutdoors.com You can book with Katie or Randy but I would prefer you PM me first so I can coordinate the discount. If for some reason I can't be reached just ask Katie or Randy for the Adventure Rider Discount.

RATES: $130 per night, two night minimum for ADV inmates. Normal rate
is $149 per night but will increase after March 2019.

Links to some attractions in the area.

AR 341 aka Push Mountain Road, one of the best motorcycle roads in Arkansas and the country. AR 9, AR 14 connect to Push Mountain and are equally as awesome. Be sure to stop at the 341 Market in the Lone Rock area. link http://www.ozarkmtns.com/sylamore/photos/highway-341/pushmountainroad.asp

Blanchard Springs Caverns.. Highly recommended, especially for children and if the weather prevents outdoor fun. Spectacular caverns and well worth
a visit. Link- . https://www.blanchardsprings.org/

Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail......link

Link to "EXPLORING IZARD COUNTY" website...these guys regularly explore historic and natural sites of interest nearby. Many are very close to the cabin.

Cabin Photos







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I just got back from the White River last week, had a great time. This cabin is great looking.

I even rode my bike all the way from Dallas.
we will be staying 2 nights in june
do u have a recomended route to ride in the area? roads to hit?
We will be coming in from eureka springs.
we will be staying 2 nights in june
do u have a recomended route to ride in the area? roads to hit?
We will be coming in from eureka springs.

Hello Michael,
Glad to have you. I have some good riding suggestion but first need to know what type of bikes you will be on and if you will be riding to the cabin or trailering in. There are awesome paved and dual-sport rides in the area.
I can e-mail you a couple of GPS routes if you have Garmin Mapsource or something compatible. You can e-mail me at chris-gaines@sbcglobal.net

For those fishermen among us......the river should be back to normal levels very soon after almost 18 months of constant generation to reduce the reservoir levels. I expect around the first week of August we should see low flows. Should be some great wade fishing on the fly!
Where is your cabin located? Can it be found on Google Maps? Do you have an idea of the driving time from Kingwood, Tx.? Is there an airport nearby?
Where is your cabin located? Can it be found on Google Maps? Do you have an idea of the driving time from Kingwood, Tx.? Is there an airport nearby?

Cabin is just south of Calico Rock, Arkansas. Google Sadieville Road Arkansas and it should come up. The nearest airports are Little Rock and Northwest Regional (Walmart Intl) near Fayetteville. Little rock is about 2.5 hours away and Northwest Regional about three hours. There is service now to Branson Mo which is closer but I'm not sure of the carrier. Google says its about 10.5 hours from Kingswood. I've had more renters from the Houston area off the forum than anywhere else. E-mail me if you would like further info.

At Last !!!
As an avid fly fisherman I've endured near 18 months of high water on the White River. Constant generation from the upstream lakes to alleviate the brimming lakes resulted in almost non-existent opportunites for the wading fly fisherman. Finally it's over...the lakes are at normal pool and the Corp of Engineers and electric authority are now only generating on an as needed basis. If you're looking for a good place to fish, particularly good wadeable water away from the crowds upstream then drop me a message.

A pic this afternoon from a resort upstream...I haven seen those gravel bars in months.
Fishing Report....
Was at the cabin from Wednesday to Saturday this past week. Power generation from Bull Shoals and Norfork Lake has been the typical late Summer pattern...Generation in the afternoon for a few hours then shutting down for the evening until mid-day the following day. The result is low water in the mornings thru noon to mid-day then up a couple of feet through the evening. Temps this week will be in the 70's with overnight lows in the mid to upper 50's. This should result in even less generation. I fished the area in front of the cabin, never venturing more than 200 yards up or downstream. Thursday evening I landed 10-12 nice rainbows and browns in the span of 90 minutes and lost probably half that as I was using barbless hooks. Friday morning was spectacular, I waded into the river about 7:15am and left the water around 11:00 am. I hooked into over thirty fish, maybe more as I lost count. The first couple I caught were on hoppers but I soon switched as it was a little slow. I tied on a small, black wooly booger and that's when the action got hot. First cast produced a fish from the riffles beyond some big boulders just under the surface mid-river adjacent to deeper water. I changed flies once, and that was another wooly booger as I finally lost the original fly on a very hard strike (should checked my knot after so many fish). Most of the fish were in the 12 to 14 inch range....no big fish this time but they are there waiting. I did hook into a good sized brown the evening before but he threw the hook after making a couple of line-peeling runs downstream. A whole lot of fun and right out the door too. Pics.......I was alone and all I had was my I-phone and I didn't want to chance dropping it in the water with a rod in one hand and a net and fish in the other. Will rectify that with a designated photo taker next trip.
Send me an e-mail if you want to do some fishing in a beautiful, peaceful setting.

View from the Deck after a day of great fishing.
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River Update,
Lakes on the White River chain are returning to normal. Bull Shoals and Norfork Lake are back to normal pool but Bull Shoals is still generating at a high level as the Corp of Engineers is drawing down lakes above these two. Normal lower flows, which means wadeable water for you fly fisherman, is expected within a week or two. Very little fishing pressure the last couple of years due to high water and excellent growth rates of the trout in the river should provide some excellent fishing. You never know when you might catch a trophy fish on the river.

Riding season is not too far away, give me a call if you want to enjoy great riding and excellent fishing in a beautiful setting on the White River.

One more thing. I am adding a sleeper sofa to the living room on my next trip up. We can accomodate a couple more folks with this addition.

That is indeed a Rainbow. The river holds some very nice Rainbows and Browns right in front of the cabin. Much of the White is considered trophy waters for trout. Wading is very good at the cabin, I flyfish there every chance I get. There is also a rough boat launch for those that want to explore.

April is excellent aside from Spring rainshowers. It is more seasonal in this part of Arkansas versus Texas. I've ridden several times in March and April with some warm gear and shed it by the afternoon. All in the timing really.
April is excellent aside from Spring rainshowers. It is more seasonal in this part of Arkansas versus Texas. I've ridden several times in March and April with some warm gear and shed it by the afternoon. All in the timing really.
Early May probably won't make much difference; I'm leaning towards late April.

I haven't had freshly caught trout since I left Maine in '85. I'm drooling. :trust:

Hmmm..... maybe a canoe will fit between the 350 and the 250. :mrgreen:

I'll keep in touch with you on this!!!
I can't vouch for the fish as I was there to ride, but I can vouch for the cabin, surrounding roads and the ease of the entire rental experience.
Updated OP

Added a sleeper sofa to the cabin so we can now sleep up to six comfortably.
Also added a couple of links to the OP.

Please give me bump if you are interested in the cabin or would like more info.

I agree with Ramblin66...Push Mtn is a "must ride" if your in the area.

Here are a few pics from this weeks fishing trip to the cabin. Excellent water conditions and the fish were biting!

My friend Dan with a nice Rainbow just upstream from the cabin


Barbara with a nice Brookie from the Norfork River


Brown from the Shoals just upstream from the cabin
The wife and I are heading out early tomorrow morning for four nights, cant wait. Its gonna be some great R&R.
Just got back from 4 nights at the cabin, such a wonderful place. Solitude, no phones, no email, it was great. A couple of trains, couple of boats on the river. You really have a jewel in this cabin.
Spring is here...Riding season!

MsMissile at City Rock Bluff overlooking the White River, just upstream from Calico Rock. Yep, you can ride right out to the edge.

E-mail me if you would like info on rides and things to do while staying at the cabin.
Just returned from the cabin...rode the national forest and the twisties with some friends. River was high and muddy but in spite of the water condition we caught over 30 nice Rainbows and Browns off the dock in one evening.
A couple of pics of two Browns we caught off the dock.