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Jun 21, 2021
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What are the rules and regulations specifically in the dfw area? The last time I owned a dirt bike was in Colorado about 10 years ago, so the laws were pretty straightforward and there were tons of great places to go riding.

I’ve been riding Street bikes here ever since but I’m thinking about getting back into trail riding, but I heard dfw and Texas in general isn’t dirt friendly. Someone told me you need off-road registration and a safety class like for boating.. is that true everywhere around here? And is there any decent riding other than grapevine and red River?
You don't need an off road registration or safety class if you are riding on lands that are not government funded. If they are government funded then you will need TX OHV stickers on each dirt bike.

If you are looking for non-motocross riding areas you pretty much have the following areas as of November 2022:
  • Red River Motorcycle Trails (aka Muenster, or Bulcher)
  • Twin Hills
  • Northwest OHV Park (never been here so it might be only for Jeeps)
  • Trophy Club (need an OHV sticker)
  • Lake Murray
  • Barnwell Mountain (also need an OHV sticker)
There might be a few more out there that I have forgotten, but these are the main ones that most folks ride at. Colorado is quite a bit different than here just due to the amount of public land to choose from and ride on. Here that just doesn't happen.
Being you are in Denton head over to Red River Motorcycle trails for sure. There are some other nice areas in Oklahoma.