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KTM 690 Shift Star Upgrade Kit - Don't Get Stranded!


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Nov 27, 2013
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Highland Village (Dallas) TX
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After being stranded in Mexico for 3 days due to a failed shift star on another rider's 690 I decided to upgrade mine before it could happen to me. Between the fuel pump and the side-stand switch issue, this is one of the biggest road-side failures you'll have on a 690.

So I paid $250 plus tax and shipping and bought the entire kit. Well I opened up my bike and, low and behold, I already had the upgrade.

Sooooooo...... I now have a full kit for sale. It includes the robust shift-star, improved springs and shift arm and the side-cover gasket. You can install it without draining the oil, just by laying the bike on it's side. Very simple DIY.

$200.00 for the kit.

That'll seem cheap if you're on the side of the road and can only get neutral! ;-)



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