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Let's Ride the Western Loop Jan 26th Report

Nov 12, 2009
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Things started out with a slightly cooler and cloudier than expected morning, but everyone was ready to roll and we met up in the Valero parking lot just off of I10.

Most everyone grabbed breakfast at the McDonalds inside and met outside for a start time scheduled at 9AM.


Everyone gearing up and getting ready to roll.


We had a slight mix up at the (first)? water crossing of the day, DoctorZ hit a real slick patch on his KTM625 and it almost went into the deep end.


I wasn't able to grab a photo of it in the water still as I was hurrying over to help him pull it out before it went all the way in :eek2:

This is where it happened -


Other side of creek


No real harm done! A few mud clumps and grass twigs removed and we were ready to move on. ( after about 5 attempts to push start it)


Here is my bike still yet to make the first crossing of the day.. I hopped off to help Doctor Z


Here is Doctor Z's KTM at one of the first stops... I think we stopped because Lefty had his first flat (more to come :lol2:)


Here is KingHam's Brand New Yamaha Super Tenere! I've read great things about these bikes... :trust: I think he was getting it dirty for the first time that day.. It only had about 500 miles on it at that point..


Here is the kind gentleman that welcomed us onto his property..


My Tenere and Johns(?) XR650R


Lefty and Ken getting Lefty's KLR front tube slimed up and ready to move down the road



Cagiva65's Cagiva


Beautiful roads and scenery that only got better as the day went on..


GS Rider who joined our group that morning at Doctor Z's first "rest stop"-- he was in from Kileen.. I do not remember his name,(my bad) he's not a TwTex member yet but we sure tried to convince him to join up!


A few miles later Lefty's front tire had gone flat again so they pulled the front tire to try and find out what was going on... I got to witness my first in person dual sport propped up on a boulder :clap: Was pretty cool to see it in person rather than just reading ride reports :lol2:


KingHam being Lefty's best friend right here, assisting in the fix.. (Lefty is in the blue jacket and Ken is holding the tire)



The rest of the bikes ready and waiting to get back on the move once we've buttoned up Lefty's front tire.


Doctor Z's KTM in the front of the pack ready to rock -


Doctor Z photo op!


This is the furthest away I've ever seen a GS from Starbucks in person :rofl:


Here is the culprit Ken found that was puncturing Lefty's front tube.. That was one nasty thorn, Ken cut it apart and pushed it out with a screwdriver.



Cagiva65 had a slight mishap on the turn before this one so I had a second to take some shots... Still no photo's of the get off, I'm too worried the rider is hurt to take a picture before trying to help get the bike off them.. I know this is against some sort of picture rule but...




Lefty's front tire is holding up great now that the thorn has been removed and he's ready to rock


On our next break-- Here is KingHam and Infidel figuring out part of our route



The whole group-- The clouds were clearing up and it was starting to warm up nicely


Absolutely enjoy my Tenere.. I clicked over 13k miles on this trip... I can't wait to do more trips like these..


John and Lefty


Here is another water crossing -- Ken and John about to make the voyage


KingHam breaking in that new Tenere the right way


Heres the group at the end of the trip.. We had just finished riding Hackberry Ranch



All in all it was a great trip.. A few hundred feet before this picture I dropped my bike in the 2nd to last crossing of the day (fail) .. I was OK and so was the Tenere so all is well. I'm going to lose the Givi Crash bars as they are pretty bent after only 1 mishap.. I've ordered a set of Altrider crash bars as they seem to be much beefier..

I know others took some photo's.. I think KingHam even has some of my Tenere in the stream :giveup:

Check back in soon, I've got some GoPro video still to come, I got some new software for Christmas and I'm new at this video editing stuff so it takes a while.

BIG thanks for Infidel for organizing the trip and to Kingham for helping with directions. I think everyone had a good time and I plan to do many more trips this year.
Sure looks like fun. The Orange KLR is nice looking!
Ha! I've seen a chap right in front of me bust it where the KTM did. That's one slippery crossing. Great report!
Very nice report and great pix! Thanks for posting the RR Steven. :thumb:

Looks like a fine group of riders and beautiful bikes. Bet y'all had a ball out there.

I think the saying goes - If you ain't falling ever so often then you ain't trying hard enough.

Hopefully some of you cats can join me at Hidden Falls on Feb 16th for some knarly trail riding...OR...join me for a nice street ride on March 16th for our 1st annual Texas Coastal Cruise....I know those Tenere's can handle a lot of asphalt and a little sand...