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Montgomery/Conroe area Bike Nights - Thursdays 6:30pm


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Feb 28, 2003
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:tab The regular Thursday night bike nights start at 6:30pm and last generally until 8:00pm. The location changes from week to week, sometimes in Montgomery, Conroe, or anywhere in between. Check the end of the thread for information about the location of the week, which is generally suggested and then voted up or down by those active in the thread.
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Steve talked to Phil & made all the arrangements.:eat: Looking forward to seeing more faces as the weather gets nicer. :rider:

501 Liberty St, Montgomery
So Phils is the place now. Sounds like a plan. Just have to get everyone loaded up.
Looks like a nice evening to ride. Hopefully the wind will die down.
tina and i are coming down. just going to throw this out there.......if anyone wants to meet up, lets meet at the chevron at I45 and hwy 30 and depart (KSU) at 6PM. hope some of you come on out for a nice ride and some good visiting.... laters
It was good seeing you all tonight. A tad chilly but not bad thru the woods after dinner. I turned around at FM1375. Got suck behind that jacked up Ford 4x4 anyhow and didn't want to pass it just to turn around in front of 'em.
We did have a nice turnout. :eat: I think there were 12 1/2 of us. It was nice to actually have some people to ride home with. :rider: I looked back and saw 5 bikes following me through the forest. Hope the dogs didn't scare anyone on 1791. :eek2:
We'll be there tonight. Rode the V65 about 220 miles today. I need to put some miles on the KLX now.

I probably won't make it this Thursday, some folks from Coleman? are coming by to look at puppies. If they come by early enough I will be there. RH:eat: I hate to miss a good feed.
Did anyone make it out tonight? I didn't get home until after 7PM. I did get on the Magna and ride around the Montgomery area, and reduced the flying insect count drastically.
Hey Chris,

I think there were 9 of us. :eat: Mostly the usually suspects. I think Phil & I joined you in the battle with the insects. They felt like grasshoppers or something pretty big.:pound:
I din't get a count on the insects I killed but it was way in the triple digits. :lol2:
euromedic said:
I may be able to make it this thursday....;-)

Cool .... we usually start showing up around 6:45. They have a section for us in the bottom level.
What a gorgeous day :sun: I will be there tonight :rider: , any particular table/area that is "ours"? :eat: