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Oct 9, 2009
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Bryan-sort of-Texas
For this week:




These are made using 100% Stainless Steel - right down to the little key pin that locks them together.

Riders know how dealing with flats out on the trail is a preordained part of off-road riding. It's going to happen and dealing with them - quickly - is really just a matter of having the right tools on-hand and a little practice using them.

The OUT BAK JAK is a key part of having the right tools.

We make these light enough to allow carrying on every ride in your back-pack or attached to your motorcycle frame. Ready to use again and again for many years to come.

Every OUT BAK JAK comes with a Velcro front brake lever strap and detailed user instructions.

Folks, this is another of those things that you get when you don't really need it because you know the time will come... when you do.
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This week's feature is our new Phone Locker. The sturdy aluminum base fits handlebar bolt spacing from 3.25 - 4". The cradle is made by RAM and fits most types of phones including Samsung and Apple.

As more folks use their phones for mapping and GPS services, having it mounted front and center avoids problems with looking to one side as with other handlebar mounting systems. Additionally, the low profile position of this mount means your phone is out of reach for nearby limbs and vines - an important feature for off-road riders.

Included is our 12 volt to USB power supply that provides non-stop power to your phone - eliminating the need for powering down your system for battery conservation and powering up for use.

The system comes with the aluminum base, adjustable cradle, stainless steel mounting hardware and USB power supply.





We are unable to calculate shipping rates for the selected items.

Gonna go to Goatsville within the next couple of weeks, could vector off track a bit if that would work (and maybe have a large strawberry malt at Sonic :eat:).
I like the locker. I don't have that style handle-bars, though. Is there a version that just mounts on a RAM ball?

Gonna go to Goatsville within the next couple of weeks, could vector off track a bit if that would work (and maybe have a large strawberry malt at Sonic :eat:).

You and those strawberry malts... Lol. ;-)
That particular RAM mount is awesome. I Used it right up till the oversized iPhone 6. Very easy to use and very secure. From the DRZ to the GS
You know, that's a good question and for a very good reason. Thanks for pointing out a needed improvement to the web store info. The Jak measures 10.5 X 3. Of course that's in the retracted mode.
The Jak works great and is easy to carry in most tool rolls/packs. I use a Milwaukee zipper pouch and it fits in there fine. I just ordered the bar mount GPS holder to get rid of the awkward RAM mount. Excited to see how it works.

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