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Pecos River Bridge Hwy 90

Jun 7, 2008
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Round Rock Texas
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I am getting ready to show a couple of buddies from out of state a ride through the Hill Country and then on out to Big Bend. I have been down Hwy 90 several times but we never stopped and looked at the bridge. I just googled the bridge and looked at the aerial pictures and have a couple of questions. Hoping someone here is familiar with the area.

1. Heading west on 90, just prior to the bridge is a small road called Park Road 67. Is this the main viewing area for the bridge? For pictures etc.?

2. Just west of the bridge it appears to be a small road that goes off to the north of the road and then back under the bridge. Is this road open and what type of road and condition. Bikes are a Gold Wing, a BMW and a Harley...none of which do dirt or sand.


I don't know about the specific roads you mention, but you can't miss the turn-out for the viewing area. It's pretty obvious where to turn and takes you right to it.

OK, I just google map'd the bridge and yes, PR 67 takes you to the viewing area from the East side of the bridge.

The road on the West side that loops under, from what I recall last summer isn't open to the public. Directly across from the viewing area that road is well-worn and runs down into the water. IIRC, that used to be the old road for crossing the river.
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The bridge is under construction a week ago , the parking area on the east bank north side of 90 is closed off as a work zone . There is a roadside park observation point on the east bank south side of the bridge . The road on the west side is the old hiway to the low water bridge that is gone and it is fenced off . on the east side the old road is a public boat launch . SEYA